Your iPhone X screen not responding?

So that your iPhone X screen not responding ? Apparently your facing the frozen screen problem that wont allowed you to do usual task like swipes,touch, gesture, and other touch input. It’s pretty unfortunate for some people. Their complaining that this frozen screen problem should not happens to their “expensive iPhone 8 / iPhone X”. People keep searching the way how they can force restart their iPhone. Since Apple made the home button plays no role in force restarts or DFU mode or any of that.

But, I’ve manage to do some research on how you can easily force restart your iPhone, entering recovery mode, and  even entering DFU mode while you’re facing frozen screen problem.  Make sure you follow the first step carefully to fix your iPhone x screen not responding problem. Cause some people find it successful and having no need to entering the recovery mode or DFU mode after applying the first step. And also make sure after you guys having a success following the first step, Then updating your iOS is a must. Just  to prevent this frozen thing won’t happens again to your iPhone in the future.

1. Force Restart

iPhone-x-screen-not-responding-force-restartForce restart in iPhone 8 / iPhone x are rather different than the iPhone 7. It is mainly because you can no longer just pressing the volume down button plus sleep/wake button to force restart. Instead, on iPhone 8 / iPhone x you’re gonna use the side button along with volume up and down to force restart your iPhone. Here is how you do it.

1. press – vol. up then release
2. press – vol down then release
3. hold – power off button then wait for 5 secs

Keep holding the power off button until the screen turn into black then after that you can release it.  Next, you’ll see the Apple logo appear indicating that the force restart was successful. Also make sure that you’re not pressing and holding the power/side button more than 5 second. Cause, with iPhone X pressing that button more than 5 sec would trigger an Emergency SOS. Which automate your phones to call emergency services set in your phone, like 911.

For more detailed information you can follow the steps shown by videos down below. Hopefully it can help you fix your iPhone X screen not responding problem immediately.

2. Using Recovery Mode

iPhone x screen not respondingFirst thing you need in order to enter recovery mode to fix iPhone x screen not responding problem are Lightning to USB cable. This cable helps you connect your iPhone to your MAC/Laptop. Plug your lightning USB cable to your laptop then also plug the other part to your phone.

Then, you need to press volume up then release. Press the volume down then release. Press side button and wait till the screen goes to black. But this time you need to keep holding the side button until you see the connect to iTunes logo.

After you see the connect to iTunes logo means that you already succeed to enter the iPhone recovery mode. You can verify that by opening up iTunes on your laptop. From there, you should see a message stating that “There is a problem with the iPhone that requires it to be updated or restored”. Next, you can choose to Update or Restore your iPhone’s software.

1. Connect iPhone to Mac/PC with a Lightning to USB cable.
2. Press and release volume up then volume down.
3. Press then hold side button till reboots and show the apple logo
4. Release side button right after you see Connect to iTunes logo appear.
5. Last, you can launch iTunes.

3. Using DFU Mode 

iPhone-x-screen-not-responding-dfu-modeThe first thing you want to do is quickly press the volume up and volume down buttons. Then hold the side button. when the screen goes black, continue holding on to the side button and start holding on to the volume down button.

After about two to four seconds let go of the side button and continue holding on to the volume down button. If an Apple logo shows up on the phone, you need to start this process over again.

But, if the screen goes black ,means you did everything right. you can check your laptop for the iTunes message. From here you can restore the phone or eject it.

If you somehow got an accident and want to go back to normal. click the volume up and volume down buttons, and hold the side button to get out of DFU mode. That’s it, you’re now out of recovery mode or out of DFU mode successfully. And then your iPhone will reboot back to the home screen. you’ll see apple logo now, means you can actually release the side button and let it boot back up normally.

1. Connect your iPhone to your laptop using lightning USB cable
2. Press the volume up and volume down buttons. Then hold the side button untill the screen goes black.
3. Continue holding on to the side button and start holding on to the volume down button
4. Launch iTunes.

Updating iPhone X iOS to prevent iPhone x screen not responding problem.

As mentioned before, as soon as your phone get fully functioned to normal. You need to update your iOS to the latest version. It is simply because Apple has release an updates to “Help Fixes an issue-where the iPhone X screen easily becomes unresponsive to touch right after a rapid-temperature drop” you can easily following the steps I provide below to update your iOS. Installing the latest version of iOS to iPhone X is pretty important because each or every software update release tends to include bug fixes, some of which may remedy the unresponsiveness of the screen issue.

1. Back up your iPhone X first from iTunes
2. open settings-app then General you’ll see “Software Update”
3. Update your iPhone if there is an available updates.

That’s it, I hope all methods above could help you to fix your iPhone x screen not responding issue. Before you applied any above methods make sure you watch the videos first. So that you could applied the step by step perfectly. Finally, if you guys have other ways to fix iPhone x screen not responding issue, don’t hesitate to comment and share your experience down below.

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