Yolo for Android Snapchat 2019

Yolo is the number one download on the App Store in the United States and the United Kingdom a week after its release. It has the ability to sends anonymous messages on the Snapchat app. Yolo was developed by start-up Popshow on the Snape Kit platform, a software program launched last year by Snapchat that allows any creator to integrate his productions into the social network.

Once installed, the Yolo application adds a window “Send me anonymous messages” to your Snapchat app. It is also possible to add a little cartoon character taken from another popular application such as, Bitmoji which owned by Snapchat itself. Once the message has been spotted by another user, the user can send anonymous text via Yolo. Finally, if the person who posted the original request decides to answer, the answer will appear on Snapchat.

Yolo for Android Snapchat

The real thing is, Yolo app for this moment only can be downloaded via iPhone app Store. Which means, it is not available for Android smartphone just yet. But, as soon as it would release to the google play store we will inform you right away.

Also, there are a lots of fake app out there that could harm your phone. Therefore, make sure that you don’t install any app from irrelevant source that saying it is the real yolo apk for android. Cause as I mentioned above, the yolo app for android it just not release yet.

That is all the truth about is there any Yolo for android snapchat app. If you feel this post really helpful to you, please share it with your friends on social networking sites like twitter or Facebook. And as always, If you think there is an error in this article then please leave your comment below. We will try to fix it for you as soon as possible.

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