Which grand slam tennis tournament is played on red clay courts?

Tennis has been known to be an interesting and fascinating game. It is normally played as an outdoor game but there are instances it happens at an indoor facility. There are different courts used in tennis tournament. Some may include the red clay courts, grass courts, hard courts, and indoor courts.

The most memorable tennis court is the iconic red clay. For most tennis pros out there saying that it’s nearly impossible not to end up coated in the red-brick dust for free after two or three hours spent on the red clay court. Not to mention their slipping, sweating, and sliding from one corner to another leaves a memorable mark.

Which grand slam tennis tournament is played on red clay courts?

The French Open Championship is the only Grand slam held on clay court. The tournament is regarded as one of the most demanding events in tennis physical wise. This is because there are seven rounds required and it is a slow-playing surface.

French Open is a huge tennis tournament that happens in two weeks. It covers the weeks between late May and the start of June. The French open happens at Stade Rolland-Garros in the capital of France (Paris). The venue was named after Roland Garros, a French aviator. French open is the premier tennis championship for clay courts event in the universe. It is also the second of four yearly Grand Slam competitions.

French open Championship history

The French championships were opened in 1891. Only tennis players in the French club were allowed to participate by then. A Briton emerged the winner in the very first championship. In 1897 the first women’s tennis tournament was rolled out for singles.

The men’s double was incorporated in 1902 while the women’s one was first premiered in 1907. The championship was conducted up to 1924 in four different venues. The French tournament was opened to all amateurs in 1925 around the world.

It was conducted at StadeFrancais in 1925 and 1927 on red clay courts. After the Davis Cup was won in America, the French decided to defend it in 1928 where it was held at a new tennis stadium.

The new Stade de Roland stadium hosted the Davis cup challenge and now the French internationals were moved to the same venue. The tennis tournaments have now been held in the same venue since then up to now.

Surface Characteristics

The red clay courts are known to bounce the ball higher and also slow it down compared to the others such as grass courts. These reap off some of the merits of big servers. It makes it hard for them to have dominance on such a surface.

A good example is Pete Sampras who has lifted 14 Grand slam championships has never been able to conquer the French open. He is widely known for his big serves but the farthest he got in French open is the semi-final stage.
On the other red clay court favors players who do well in slower surfaces such as Rafael Nadal. Wimbledon double which is Borg’s French open was achieved in three consecutive years (1978, 1979, 1980) and was regarded as the most challenging double in tennis. It was later repeated 28 years which is twice by the flamboyant Rafael Nadal (2008, 2009) and Roger Federer in 2010.

Expansion or Relocation?

Plans to construct a covered stadium with a top were inconsistently discussed between 2004-2008. Proposals were also made to either expand the stadium or relocate it to a brand new venue outside the city. In 2011 however, it was agreed that the tournament should remain at Roland-Garros.

In order to expand the stadium, a new one was to be built along with the Auteuil’s greenhouses and also expand the tournament village. The city council, however, voted against the plan but the mayor signed the permits for construction on June 9, 2015. It was however stopped in 2015 by the Paris Administrative Court.

Ranking Points and the Prize Money

Women and men receive distinct point values with respect to the regulations of the given tennis tournament. If a player manages to get to the round indicated, they receive the cash and points listed in that particular round.
There are set prizes and points that you can get online that dictate what the players receive.

Lastly, I hope the article titled “Which grand slam tennis tournament is played on red clay courts?” could answered your question. If you have any other information in regards of the red clay court feel free to leave your comment below.

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