Where is The Fortnite in Fatal Fields?

The new season 9 has arrived for Fortnite, and if you wondering Where is The Fortnite in Fatal Fields? you guys come to the right place. Among the new activities of this season, players are asked to find a Fortbyte on a frozen island while using a new skin: Sentinel. However, this activity has a particular complexity in terms of locations and considerations to consider. Today, we provide you with guidance on what you need to do to succeed.

Before going for Fortbyte with Sentinel skin, there are two very important things to consider. First, this challenge only applies to Battles Pass users. Secondly, when completing the challenge, the Battles Pass Sentinel cover when taking Fortbyte is absolutely necessary.

Where is The Fortnite in Fatal Fields?

Basically the video above is going to show you a bunch of secret skins and stuff you can unlock by getting fortbytes. And also a bunch of the locations of the tougher challenges like in the one on the frozen island that you have to get with Sentinel. Then the one in fatal fields and also the one that’s hidden within loading screen number two.

The video will revealed to you all of those locations as well as just going over an overview of these challenges, what they may be for. Hope that you it will help you guys to know exactly what to do. and of course there is a little tips and tricks for all of the other challenges as well that we have available.

where is the fortbyte in fatal fields
The Location

In order to find Fortbyte, you must go to the farthest frozen island to the west, where you will find the zip lines with which they connect to the main island.

After your arrival on the frozen island we talked about, you have to go down the slope on the south side of this little island, where you can see a hologram of Fortbyte. You need to wait for a few seconds for Fortnite to verify that you have the right skin. After departure, you should simply be able to take the Fortbyte.

As you can follow the guides above to find “where is the Fortnite in fatal fields” then you can experience that this challenge will be much more simple. By following all this guide, you will easily get one of the first Fortbyte appearances in the Fortnite season. Keep that in mind that there is a total of 100 Fortbyte in there, so go ahead.

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