When will iOS 13 release?

This year is going to be a bit different as Apple would release it’s new iOS “The iOS 13”. There are lot’s of feature put in this new iOS such as Dark mode, Greatly improved Maps app, New CarPlay designs, including a much-needed dashboard, Enhanced portrait mode, edesigned and enhanced video and image editing, Natural-speech capable Siri, Live radio support, Intelligent sharing suggestions, Redesigned keyboard with “Quickpath” (i.e. swipe) technology, and much more.

The one that caught my attention was the Dark Mode. This new iOS which include dark mode first revealed on Monday at the annual WWDC conference in San Jose. it actually inverts the usual white background and black text to apply a black background and white text. Trust me it is very cool to have this latest iOS. Not to mention this Dark mode also could help reduce eye strain your peepers might experience especially at night.

When will iOS 13 release?

Here is the complete schedule of iOS 13 release date.

  • Monday, June 3: iOS 13 beta 1
  • Then on July: iOS 13 public beta will launch for adventurous testers
  • Next on Early September 2019: iOS 13 Golden Master (final dev beta)
  • Lastly on Mid-September 2019: iOS 13 likely to launch with new 2019 iPhones

This new iOS 13 also introduces a streamlined, less obtrusive volume HUD for the first time, plus there’s a now an option to download apps of any size over an LTE connection, and also untethering you from WiFi. Multiple apps also got new features in iOS 13. There is also new AirPods feature that lets you watch a movie or share a song with a friend just by bringing a second pair of AirPods close to an iPhone or iPad.

All of these major updates in iOS make you wandering when will iOS 13 release right? Do not worry much cause up above you’ll get it’s schedule. Also please backup your device first before you try this iOS 13 beta in order to keep everything safe. Finally, if you have more accurate schedule please feel free to share with us by leaving your comment down below.

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