When is Snapchat Shutting Down

Early this year, the famous one of a kind teen app ‘Snapchat’ rumored to be shut down. people started to pop out a question out of thin air like “will Snapchat really be shutting down in 2020?” and “Will Snapchat really be shutting down?”. Fortunately, we have the answer for you, keep on reading.

Is Snapchat going to shut down in 2020?

As mentioned above the rumor Snapchat app going to shut down during this summer 2020 had become a headline all over the internet. However, some trusted source ‘Newsweek’ clearly stated that Snapchat shutdown was merely just fake news. It is already been stated by the official Snapchat back then saying that ‘Snapchat isn’t shutting down’ right from the official Snapchat account.

As of now, the rumors that have been forgotten started to spread again due to the raising hashtag on twitter #snapchatdown since early march 2020. people keep on tweeting that Snapchat not letting them post anything not even videos or pictures. as gurp kaur @gkayj91 tweeted on Mar 9 ‘My Snapchat isn’t working and I still haven’t heard back from the support team! #snapchatdown’ and many others had experienced the same problem.

Luckily for us, there is still no official statement has been made from the Snapchat. hopefully, it would be the same as the past year that the Snapchat support giving some announcement on their twitter account saying that Snapchat is not gonna shut down. But, due to the app become more populated had made the Snapchat app unreliable. The app started to take a very long time to load and people having a hard time even just to post to their story.

Anyhow, soon the Snapchat official released the announcement whether the app going to shut down or not, we’re going to give you update within the post.option will allow you to take a screenshot that can be edited right at that moment or you can crop to whatever portion of the screen you want to be captured.

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