When does Samsung Galaxy S10 come out?

It’s already the end of January 2019 and people still wondering When does Samsung Galaxy S10 come out? As indicated by its name, the Galaxy S10 is the 10th cellphone in the Galaxy S series. It first appeared in 2019 and becoming a mark of one decade Samsung has been competed in smartphone market.

Along with the tight competition in Galaxy line up (Galaxy S7, S8, S9) which steal the hearts of it users, and the rapid advances in technology today. No wonder the emergence of the Galaxy S10 from Samsung as the market leader is eagerly awaited. Also, ahead of its appearance next month there will be many leaked releases.

When does Samsung Galaxy S10 come out?

According to the latest leaks, Galaxy S10 will release on February 20.  Still from the same source, Galaxy S10 will be launched in three different variants. Galaxy S10, S10+ and S10 Lite. This phone also rumored using the Infinity O screen whereas the screen will have a small hole that accommodates the front camera. Also, these Samsung Galaxy S10 variants will going to have different screen sizes. The regular version of the Galaxy S10 is thought to have a 6.1-inch display screen. While the “Plus” version is has 6.4-inch display and the cheapest version will have the smallest screen size of 5.8 inch display. There will be faster charging as well. The price also ranged from $850 – $1000.

When does Samsung Galaxy S10 come out 1

As for now, there are so many rumors made the same claims about color options, screen sizes, RAM and storage tiers, the number of cameras for each phone, product names, and the actual release dates. We can’t say that it is true or not, cause all still be rumored. But, the actual release date of galaxy S10 which will be on 20 February are already leaking all over the internet. So, for Samsung fanboy, you need to wait a little longer in order to have this wonderful galaxy S10.

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