What will happen to your iTunes music & library after iTunes shut down?

It is nearly 16 years after Apple’s Steve Jobs first launching the digital commerce revolution (iTunes) to the world. The iTunes store widely transformed the music business in its era when it was launched in 2003. And for absolute two decades, it has been the way for Apple fanboy to listen to music and podcasts and making a valuable purchase, plus watching movies, TV’ show, and more importantly to backup or manage their Apple devices.

But, according to Bloomberg, Apple is reportedly going to retire their product. The reports are saying that the company will discontinue services through its digital music store, iTunes, and will likely to replace it with three new applications (Apple Music, TV and Podcasts). This has raised the question among Apple user out there, what will happen to their downloaded music?

What will happen to your iTunes music & library?

To be honest, it concern me as well. As the fellow iPhone user, I’ve tried to find the answer what would happen to my purchased music too. According to on Friday people are coming to twitter and started to ask Apple support prior to iTunes shutting down rumors. One user asked if their “purchased music from iTunes will transfer to the Music app without having to pay for the Apple Music streaming service”.  Right after that, the Apple support gave him an answer that “The music you’ve already purchased in iTunes should still available without an Apple Music membership”.

Then, Apple support give the man links to re-download his purchased item here: . Some people also asked if their iTunes library would seamlessly transfer to whatever new app. But, there is no answer from Apple support yet. it seems, it is better for us to start backing up everything so that we won’t regret and loose everything that already purchased on iTunes prior to it’s shut down.

Finally, sooner or later everything will be replace to something new. It is includes the App or any else related to our device. Therefore, it is important for us to back everything up regularly so that we can keep up to the new update. Hope the article titled “What will happen to your iTunes music & library after iTunes shut down?” could help you solve your problem. Also don’t forget to leaves comment down below if you have valuable and latest info for the above topic.

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