What is night shift on iPhone and how it works?

A while ago, I’m asked my friend about what is night shift on iPhone “real function” and how it works? Apparently, he failed to answer my exact question for the second time. Simply because he thought that these feature are not really important. As far as he know that the sole function are only to reduce the light and helping her to read better in low light. As a fellow iPhone user, I feel sorry for him. And started to think about the best way to help him and another iPhone user to get the better explanation on how this night shift mode really works and functioning.  That is way I’m compiling best explanation to answer that question by doing small reset for that topic below.

What is night shift on iPhone?

Night shift is the latest feature that Apple put on his iPhone iOS 9.3 and above. That could helps reducing the amount of the blue light, and automatically detect and adjust the colors on your iPhone display based on the night and day. This feature also related to your Geo-location and device’s clock to determine the time of day, and it adjusts the spectrum of your display accordingly. Which could gives your screen a warmer, darker color palette that may appear less crisp, but is much easier on the eyes. 

The standard iPhone display “emits” a lot of short wavelength light. In simple language we call it the blue light. As we all know blue light  effect could disrupt our body’s circadian rhythms and sleep patterns. Which means, using your iPhone or iPad too long during the night or before you going to sleep is a big no. Simply because blue lights affect our Melatonin levels that can result in a poor night of sleep. Especially if you don’t use the night shift mode.

The night shift mode on iPhone helps to reduce the blue lights effect while you are using your iPhone during the night. It allows your iPhone brightness display to be shifted toward the red end of the spectrum where the longer wavelength light, as an addition to being easier on your eyes. it also does not hamper Melatonin (a hormone that signals to the body that it’s time to sleep) production to the degree that blue light does. So that you can have better experience using your iPhone during the night and before taking sleep.

Below there are 5 possible night shift mode settings that you can applied to your iPhone to get the best user experience.

1. Automatically set Night Shift from sunset to sunrise

  • Press Setting.
  • Press Display and brightness.
  • Then Night Shift.

  • Slide “scheduled” to on position.
  • Press Sunset to Sunrise.

2. Automatically set Night Shift on a custom schedule

This setting are important only if you feel that the sunrise and sunset are too early or too late in the day for you. Therefore, you can freely to pick any other static times you like.

  • Click Setting.
  • Click Display and Brightness.
  • Then click Night Shift.

  • Slide “scheduled” to on position.
  • Press From/to.
  • Press Custom Schedule.

  • Then press Turn on At.
  • Select your preferable Hours, Minutes, AM & PM

  • Press Turn Of At.
  • Choose your off time.

3. Manually control Night Shift using Control Center

  • Go to the home screen and swipe up to activate control center.
  • Hold and press on the screen brightness slider.
  • Press Night Shift button to turn Night Shift on or off.

4. Manually set Night Shift at any time

This setting are useful only if you don’t want to go all-in on a schedule.

  • Press Setting > Display and Brightness >Night Shift.
  • Press Manually Enable Until Tomorrow.

5. Adjusting the color temperature for Night Shift

This setting enable you to tweak the temperature to your liking. Whether you want it to be warm or not warm enough, you can follow this step.

  • Press Setting > Display and Brightness > Night Shift.
  • Slide it to your liking (Bluer) Less warm – (Yellower) More warm.

If you are using iPhone almost half of your life (iPhone die hard fans), you might familiar with the F.lux app before. It basically almost have the same function with the iPhone Night Shift Mode. Only, you can use this F.lux app if your iPhone already been jailbreak. which cause you to lose your warranty of your iPhone. Without a having valid warranty, Apple for sure will not cover any damages or other malfunctions related to your phone. So, instead of jail-breaking your iPhone, The night shift mode would be the safest option to have.

Hope this article answered your question on “what is night shift on iPhone” topic. Feel free to leave the comment below.

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