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What is Baby Doge Coin?

BabyDoge is the latest descendant of his meme father’s cryptocurrency, DogeCoin. Specifically, it is a hyper-deflationary altcoin with a smart sharing system built into the ecosystem, so that more BabyDoge is added to each user’s wallet. This means that cardholders automatically receive a 5% fee for every transaction made on the Baby Doge network.

It is said to have been created by fans of the Doge community and aims to improve the speed of transactions and “worship”. The coin has a 5 second block time compared to DOGE’s 60 seconds, and overall cheaper gas rates.

In addition to the price accumulation, Baby Doge Coin holders can benefit from the 5% transaction tax, which gives the cryptocurrency the potential to be a significant investment in the short and long term.

We cannot make a definitive price prediction for BabyDoge. This is in part due to the unpredictability of coin projects and also the lack of available fundamentals to analyze. BabyDoge will grow primarily on sentiment, which is extremely difficult to read better than the rest of the market.

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