What does WCW Mean on Snapchat

As we all know that the #WCW is used to celebrate a woman that many people admire. The celebration is normally done by tagging the woman in other posts that praise them. But, what does wcw mean on snapchat? keep reading to find the answer.

What does wcw mean on snapchat

As the second W stands for Wednesday, it only makes sense when the hashtag is used on Wednesdays. You would look at the past one week [or couple of weeks] and then identify a woman whose influence has been remarkably positive in your life or on society in general.

It could be a woman who has successfully initiated a worthy cause, or one that has bagged a coveted title in a tournament. It really does not matter the nature or significance of the achievement as long as you personally find it something worth celebrating. However, as the C stands for Crush, most people opt to celebrate those women they secretly admire.

Usually, these are women from a higher social class or celebrity status. The person celebrating them may never really have direct access to them and express their love and admiration. Therefore, they opt to celebrate them on social media by starting the hashtag WCW, with the hope that their object of admiration may somewhat get wind of how valued and treasured they are.

The following are some typical sentences or statements where the hashtag could be used on Snapchat.

And the #WomanCrushWednesday goes to ….’’

…. Has just won my #WCW’’

There are various ways in which WCW may be used. Some of them include the following;

1. Boyfriends writing posts on, or posting pictures of their girlfriends then tagging them using the #WCW. On the same breath, the hashtag could be used when a man posts a picture of a woman they have a crush on, or makes a highly admiration post on them.
The woman could be anyone ranging from their present girlfriends, their exes, their secret admirers or just any woman they find attractive sensually or character-wise.

2. Interestingly, women also use the hashtag #WCW on Snapchat to celebrate their fellow women. These are usually their girlfriends work colleagues or any other woman of admirable traits.

3. WCW could also be used by anyone to express their unreserved appreciation for a woman they find awesome in any way. In such cases, the object of admiration is usually a public figure whose achievements can be felt by a sizable fraction of the population.
They could be a political figure, celebrity or model, a woman feted with championing the rights of other women and the less-advantaged groups in the society, a media personality, et cetera.

4. WCW may also be used on Snapchat as part of a sponsored campaign. For instance, a woman in a certain contest such as a reality TV show could sponsor the hashtag by encouraging bloggers to tag her in their posts. This is done in a bid to raise awareness to them and possibly get more people to follow and vote for them, in case the contest requires such kind of public participation.
Media outlets may also use the hashtag #WCW to encourage their viewers and readers to nominate any local woman that is doing something extraordinary to transform the lives of people in their communities. This is often seen as a way of scouting for news, as the media outlets would eventually try to secure an interview with such women in a bid to understand what the driving forces behind their achievements are.

5. In some very unusual circumstances, the hashtag #WCW may be used to describe an abstract object or even a cartoon. Some people could even use it sarcastically.

For example, you could use WCW on a woman that many people find unpleasant. The intention here is not to celebrate them, but rather to mock them or simply embarrass them in a creative way.


Whatever the reason for sharing the hashtag #WomanCrushWednesday, one thing that remains true is the fact that the hashtag is mainly associated with beautiful or sensually attractive women. So does the same with WCW mean on snapchat.

Therefore, in order to bring more traffic to your post, you would need to post some of their best photos. Even if such women are not necessarily endowed with looks and a curvaceous body, you will at least find one of the best photos of them and post it as you tag them on it.

However, the post must still be decent enough, as you want as many people as possible to identify with your object of desire. Hopefully the article about “what does wcw mean on snapchat” can help to get you the right answer. Also make sure to leave comment below.

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