What Does Cocked and Loaded Mean?

After a series of serious tweets by U.S. President Donald Trump, the “cocked and loaded” phrase became the most searched phrase on the internet for what it means. Some people said Trump probably is mistaken putting the phrase cocked and loaded instead of locked and loaded which means to prepare a gun for immediate firing.

The critics, of course, swarmed all over the internet. Some say, Editors everywhere: ‘Please delete or rephrase it’, and others just having a good time with it. To be honest, I’m not really a fan of President Trump, But did he completely wrong in putting those phrase together? or might he be right?

What does Cocked and Loaded actually mean?

In term of using pistol “cocked and loaded” means a process of moved/loaded  a live round  into firing position for the hammer to strike and discharge the bullet right after the the hammer is cocked. In other words “cocked and loaded” means ready to fire or ready to take action.

While the phrase “Locked and Loaded” means “locking the magazine or cartridge into the gun and loading the ammunition into the gun’s chamber”. Mostly this phrase use for a riffle. While in military Lock and load mostly means a command to open the bolt of a machine gun (Lock Open) and load it.

The phrase “cocked and loaded” has so much meaning. Some might related to gun and some might related to an action of doing something. Not to mention it also related to  Andrew Dice Clay since “cocked and loaded” become his 1992 tour name. In case you don’t know.

Finally, I hope the article titled “What Does Cocked and Loaded Mean” could help answer your question regarding the phrase which confuses people these days. Also, don’t forget to leave the comment or tips in order to help us grow much more bigger.

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