What Does Added by Invite Mean on Snapchat?

What does added by invite mean on Snapchat? Basically, this question often pops up whenever new Snapchat users getting used to the Apps. The very basic rule to add someone you know is very easy, simply search their profile on the app. But first, you need to know your friends Snapchat username before you search for it.

In recent updates, we can add friends in the app by using 6 methods. First, as mentioned above, you can add a friend by their username. Second, using Snapchat URL. Third, Scanning Friends snap code. Fourth, Adding a friend in the same room. Fifth, Adding back a friend.  And last you can add a friend directly from your mobile phone contact list which I prefer the most. But somehow, this feature often confuse the new user because sometimes it shows the message “added by invite”

What does added by invite mean on Snapchat?

It means someone on your contact list has installed the Snapchat app on their phone but not linked it with their own mobile number. Therefore, when you add people from your contact list, the thing that shows up under their name is “invite to Snapchat”. But, if the name comes up right under ‘invite contacts’ it can be mean they don’t have the Snapchat app installed.

When your friend has accepted your friend request or added you back, then their feed will start to appear in your snap feed and soon you’ll be able to see their Snap Score. Also, you can send them your message or snap directly to their Snapchat account. That is how you can add your friend the easy way on your app, by following the above method.

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