Snapchat Pending? All You Need to Know!

What does pending on Snapchat mean? This question sometimes pops out when we try to send messages to someone but the status says “pending”. Actually, there are lots of explanations for this particular question. Therefore, we have compiled the best answer all we can get for you to analyze why your Snapchat message “pending”.

Pending On Snapchat

If you send Snapchat message, picture or video to someone but the arrow underneath the person’s name on the Friends screen showing grey arrow and says “pending”, it can be that 1. Your friend are not confirm your friend’s request yet. 2. They unfriended you or deleted you on Snapchat. 3. Bad Signal or Slow internet connection. 4. Your Friend has deleted their own account on Snapchat.

But, if you send Snap to someone but the arrow underneath the person’s name on the Friends screen showing blue arrow and the message says “pending” instead of “delivered” it might be the app are having some error or glitch at the moment. You can restart the app and check again whether the Snap you sent has changed from blue pending to “Delivered”.

How to View Pending Snapchats

Let’s say your friend has added you back on Snapchat and you want to see whether your snap has been sent or no, simply go to Friends screen on the Snapchat app. Make sure you log in first. Then click the friend’s icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen. It will open your latest snaps and conversations.

How Long do Pending Snapchats Last

Snapchat will actually keep the “pending” Snap messages for several days before the snaps expired. In case the recipient has added you back on Snapchat and they had open the snaps within the period of 30 days, the snaps you’ve sent will be deleted as soon as it’s seen.

How to Delete a Pending Snap

If you want to delete the pending snaps you’ve sent to your friends there is no other way unless you need to delete your own Snapchat account. That is the only way to get rid of those pending snaps. But, if you feel it’s very extreme you can ask your friend to added you back on Snapchat and let them see the snaps you’ve sent to them and the app will automatically delete the snap after the recipient see it.

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