Sigh name cuff backwards Snapchat

This morning when I’m about to check out my twitter page, there is something happen. This “Sigh name cuff backwards Snapchat” becoming pretty popular twit. It seems people keep finding new interesting thing to play with snapchat. As we all know that couples of weeks ago Snapchat becoming most searched all over the internet for it’s new filter. People getting very enthusiast for the filter to change the way they look (gender swap).

Not only that, the kids filter also awesome. Lots of my friends are crapping for that, though I’ve found that kids filter is not entertaining enough. This recent days as mentioned above people already hyped for this backward spelling. When I try it, it is so damn funny. Some people also sounds into Irish. It’s pretty hilarious, you have to try this.

How to spell Sigh name cuff backwards on Snapchat

  • Open your Snapchat
  • Record yourself saying Sigh name cuff.
  • Stop the record.
  • On edit page, Swipe Left until you find the Backwards filter.
  • Save it & Done.

Trust me it’s very hilarious. As of now, people keep making this Snapchat backward filter to become trending in U.S. You don’t want to miss it. Lastly, if you guys have more interesting topic to discuss on Snapchat, fell free to leave the comment below. Or even better you guys can leave your backwards recorded video saying sigh name cuff to us, I’m willingly to approve your comment to share the fun.

If you still wondering what is all about, you can play the video below and have some fun showing it to your friends.

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