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July 20, 1999

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United States of America

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Professional Rapper

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Bashar Barakah Jackson or better known as Pop Smoke, was an American rapper and songwriter. He climbed the fame ladder right in July 2019 after releasing his debut EP, Meet the Woo.

Pop Smoke often hung out with other big names in the industry before he stepped into his own music career. Then he started using “Pop Smoke” nickname given to him by childhood friends.

As of 2020, Pop Smoke’s net worth is $480,000.

Early Life & Career

Pop Smoke was born in Brooklyn, New York on July 20, 1999.

Growing up to a Jamaican mother and a Panamanian father won’t make him stop struggling. Proven by some of his lead single has led him to climb the fame rank.

In April 2019 when Smoke was only 20 years old, he released his breakout single, “Welcome to the Party,” which catapulted him to fame. Following the rise to the popularity of “Welcome to the Party”, he also released Other well-known songs such as:”Mpr”, “Flexin” and “Dior”.

Pop Smoke won’t stop there, he also collaborated with other popular artists on various singles such as “War” featuring Lil Tjay, “100k on a Coupe” featuring Calboy.

What is Pop Smoke’s net worth?

Pop Smoke has an estimated net worth Nearly $480,000 as of year 2020. He gained his earning from multiple sources, Such as a collaboration with the streetwear brand, collaboration with Virgil Abloh and his streetwear brand Off-White, etc.


Here are some of the best List of charted songs of Pop Smoke’s 2019-2020:

  • “Welcome to the Party”
    (solo or featuring Nicki Minaj or Skepta) – 2019
  • MPR – 2019
  • FLEXIN – 2019
  • WAR (Featuring Lil Tjay) – 2019
  • Fire in The Booth – 2019
  • Drive The Boat – 2019
  • 110 on a Coupe – 2019
  • Christopher Walking – 2019
  • Dior – 2020

Pop Smoke died at age 20 while the young rapper was just starting out his career and had a promising future. Media outlets reported that Pop Smoke was killed in a home invasion at a Hollywood Hills home.

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