Plane on Snapchat Map (2019 Mystery)

Snapchat never seems to stop making big news. As reported, on Monday evening people were shocked by the sighting of the plane half immersed in the Snapchat folder. But, is that what it looks like or is it just a mistake?

As explained above, videos and photos spread on the internet have shown the position of the aircraft seems to be near the pier in Ocean Beach, a coastal neighborhood located in San Diego County. If you are able to zoom in on the map as close as you can, you’ll see the image of a large red and white plane, half immersed in the water on the right-hand side of the pier. The image itself somehow not very clear as you can see below.

plane on snapchat map

According to Snapchat, the images shown above isn’t an Easter egg or the site of a crash. Rather, it’s somehow a little blip that occurred while the satellite images were taken. To be short, If a plane was flying across the certain area of the map while the satellite images were being recorded, it would somehow appear on the map.

As for now, since Snapchat already informed about the “submerged” plane on it’s map, the images seems no longer there. It seems they’ve patched it right away. When I take a look there for the second time, it just shown blimp animation over it and when I’m about to press on it, it just shows a plane emoji and a mystery face emoji (weird).

Below you’ll see the video of Snapchat Map plane crash

According to the plane itself should be arriving at San Diego’s international airport by now. It is located just a few miles away from the supposed crash site. Another thing to mention, there is no plane crashes reported near Ocean Beach in recent history. It makes it clear that the Submerged plane on snapchat map was clearly a mistake. You can cross-check it with Google Maps’ satellite images.

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