New Snapchat Notification Sound

So I woke up in the morning and find out today people are hyped up for this New Snapchat Notification Sound 2019. It actually pretty simple notification sound which sounds like the ds sound. Some people said that they got this notification sound randomly, and some said it might happen because you have the beta testing version of snapchat.

What I’m trying to say is, they might be right. But to satisfy you people, I conduct some research to have better explanation for this. Therefore, I need you to keep reading.

How to get new Snapchat notification sound 2019?

There is no wonder that this new snapchat notification sound 2019 become the most wanted ever. Your going to look even cooler when you get this new notification sound on your app. Therefore, kids these they are craze for it. As soon as I browse over the net, I found the answer that this new notification sound only works when someone on your best friends list snaps you. And somehow, only newer accounts have it at the moment. I know it sounds unfair right.

if you want this new notification sound badly, you can try to make new snapchat account and then try to make some best-friend list on your new account and test it for yourself. Because some saying that this new notification sound only works in the new snapchat account which includes best-friend list. So that it’s only works whaen people on your  best-friend list send you the message.


It is not a final solution to add the “New Snapchat Notification Sound” to your app. It is also unclear whether snapchat will release it to the public sooner or later. But, some people have found it the above method is the easy way to have it to your app. Also, the sound only exist when your best-friend list has send you some message. Furthermore, I will add another information regarding the topic above only when people figured it out the new way to add the notif sound to my app.

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