Love has no age Snapchat filter

It appears that this morning people are hyped up for the new snapchat filter Love has no age. Some people react differently for this filter. Not as usual, this time this new snapchat filter got a very negative response from it’s user. It might be this filter has something to do with the celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month.

This new filter called “Love has no labels.” Inside the filter you’ll get a caption that includes phrases such as, “Love has no gender,” “Love has no sexuality,” and “Love has no age.” Also this filter generates a rainbow overlay  in your pic. The filter first came out on June 3 though conservatives on Twitter said it might be over the weekend of June 1–2.

How to get Love has no age Snapchat filter

  1. Head over to your Snapchat.
  2. Go to Discover section on your bottom right.
  3. Search for person who use the “Love has no labels” filter.
  4. You need to check their story.
  5. On their story you may notice the “Try Lens” at the bottom of your screen.
  6. Try the lense.

I found that there is still small amount of people use this filter on their story. If you are lucky you’ll find this filter easily by using the discover section on your snapchat. Otherwise just scroll down to get another new filter from this app.

Twitter user Ashley St. Clair posted a video of herself with the “Love has No Age” filter. As St. Clair notes, pedophiles have made a concerted push to join the ranks of acceptance granted to the LGBT community. Honestly, I myself not very interested with this filter. I believe that This filter does not match well with Snapchat, which has a reputation for enabling pedophiles on the app.

Lastly, I hope you get well informed with this new Love has no age filter which become the part of celebrating the LGBTQ month. If you guys have more info for this new filter feel free to leave your comment donw below.

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