LG STYLO 4 Screen Mirroring

So, awhile ago I was looking for a guides how to make my friend phone  LG STYLO 4 Screen Mirroring easily to his TV. Honestly, I almost give up. Cause, it seems LG didn’t put the screen mirroring ability to its device. Though, it seems LG stylo 4 has miracast built in.  I found almost no working solution or bunch of misleading guides. Most guides to screen mirroring mostly using  apps which sometimes comes very pricey. And this got me wondering. How come this  problem still has no simple solution to it? So, I started to do my research in order to get my friend phone LG STYLO 4 Screen Mirroring to his TV.  And finally found a very simple solution.

First of all, in order to make it works, you’re going to need home WiFi. Because,  It’s only works if you have WiFi at your home. Next, you need to click on WiFi button on your phone (not just to turn it on but actually open it up to see all the option). after that, click on 3 dots in corner. Then, click on advances WiFi, then direct WiFi. Lastly, you’ll then search for devices.

How To Screen Mirror To TV on LG Stylo 4

  • Turn on WiFi.
  • Tap 3 dots in the top right corner.
  • Select Advance WiFi.
  • Tap WiFi direct.
  • Tap on search.

If you find it unsuccessful to connect your phone to your TV using the steps above. You can follow another way to connect your LG phone to your TV. Below, you’ll see videos how to screen mirroring your LG STYLO 4 by using Chrome-cast.

For your information:

“LG STYLO 4 is a low budget phone that comes in at around two hundred and fifty dollars for the unlock model. But, can also be found as cheap as $130 for some prepaid carriers. LG STYLO 4 comes with a 6.2 inch display 13 megapixel camera, a built-in stylus, and running on the latest version of Android. on paper this seems like a steal for the price.The display is great and is very enjoyable to use when watching videos and movies and also when browsing around and using different apps.”

Hopefully, you’ve succeed screen mirroring your LG STYLO phone to your TV. So that you can have much more fun to display your photos and your mobile cell phone on the biggest screen. While having a leisure time with your friends and family.

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