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Left AirPod not working?

It is almost past a year since the Apple company decided to launch the upgraded Airpods (2019), but we believe something good will happen this year as the Airpods 3 rumored to be launch soon in 2020. For you who expecting this AirPods 3 make sure to keep your wallet full, cause we all know it will not get cheaper.

of course, lots of improvement will be added to this new Apple device so that you won’t face the same old problem as the older type. But, for you who choose to stay and using the previous AirPods, you may face some usual problems such as; only one pair of your AirPod is working or simply just the connection.

For you who worried about your old AirPods or decided to purchase it, Do not worry cause down below we have already prepared the solution for all your AirPods problems.

How to fix left AirPod not working? (the underrated way)

  • Put your AirPods back to it’s case.
  • Turn off your iPhone.
  • Take your AirPods out from it’s case.
  • Blow every corner of your AirPods (Simply blow it using your mouth).
  • You may also want to blow your charging case as well (Just to make sure).
  • Done. (at this moment your left AirPods will start to works again).

That is how I manage to bring back my left AirPod to work again. As you all know, I’ve been struggling to fix my left AirPod for while and I’m about to get to buy a new pair of AirPods. But then, a friend recommended me the video of this guy saying he managed to repair his broken AirPod just by following the guides on his video. Thanks to this man, now I get to save my money. The fact that this actually worked really amazed me. I encourage you to watch the video above first in order to fix your AirPods before making a mistake or even worse buying the new one.

Fyi, I’m using my AirPods almost every day. It is whether I’m using it while in the gym or doing some casual activity. I  also remember not harming my AirPods too much. But, I believe the problem might happen because of the sweating things. According to the video above, somehow our sweat might cause the AirPods to malfunctions. Therefore, I recommend you to clean your AirPods once a week or a month if you had it for a year or so.

Here is another video to follow if the above guides not working on your side. Simply follow step by step video guidance below in order to fix your right or left AirPods not working problems.

How to Factory Reset AirPods

  1. Put back your AirPods to it’s charging case.
  2. Keep the lid open.
  3. You need to locate and hold the button on the back, for five seconds until the amber light blinks three times.
  4. Close the Lid.
  5. On your iPhone, go to Settings.
  6. Then tap Bluetooth.
  7. Tap Forget This Device (AirPods).
  8. And there you have it!

Note that the instructions posted in Apple’s support forum also say to reset your network settings. To do so, launch the Settings app and select General > Reset > Reset Network Settings, after that try re-pairing your AirPods by following the steps below.

How to pair your AirPods

  1. Turn on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Put your AirPods into the Charging Case.
  3. Hold the AirPods case with open lid close to your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Your iOS device should recognize the AirPods.
  5. you’ll see a popup to connect them.


I manage to solve my left AirPods not working problem simply by following the first video guide. Just take your time to blow every corner of your AirPods would be enough. Also, some people reportedly saying that it was not working until they blow also the charging case. I found this method is risk-free and money free. You may want to try both methods of blowing your Air Pods and it’s charging case first before doing additional effort such as replace it with the new one or finding technical support at Apple center.

How much does it cost to repair or replace an AirPods

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