January Snapchat Challenge 2020

Snapchat, in the beginning, was made to send videos and pictures to a friend or you could simply make it a story for 24 hours. Then after 24 hours, the post will surely disappear. More to it, the Snapchat creators adding Snapchat games and challenges to ensure that the App becomes more engaging and fun for the public in general.

Snapchat challenge is one of snap app unique specification that helped the owners to generate revenue. some of the challenge itself for now becoming an addiction for its user such as, under armor newton game, Serena William tennis game, etc. to play the snapchat challenges game all you need to do is simply swipe left while the camera is open, then you’ll be redirected to a web page of the game.

January Snapchat Challenge 2020

here are some of snapchat challenges that you can do in the month of January 2020.

  1. Nominate your friends for a no-makeup selfie.
  2. Confess something.
  3. Sing your favorite song.
  4. Play with a pet.
  5. Let your friends ask you questions and answer them honestly.
  6. Choose your favorite emoji from the list.
  7. Do a face swap with random things.
  8. Pull out some snap videos with moving emoji.
  9. Upload various snaps and map out a story.
  10. Play the browser-based game Serena Williams Tennis Game.
  11. Create your face puzzle by the tiles of your face.
  12. Play the game our baby and act like one dressed in a onesie.

Snapchat always keeps on updating the games and challenges on a weekly basis so that you’ll never be bored to keep in touch with the app on a daily basis. for the Snapcat story challenge itself, simply you can send the snap to your bestie to beat some high score. Also, make sure you guys have fun by doing that. More Snapchat news here!

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