Is Yolo Really Anonymous?

YOLO is an application that allows you to receive & answer anonymous messages from your Snapchat followers, directly in the app. It is a dazzling number 1 app downloaded to the US just a week after its launch. This is the new app that liked by most American high school students. The reason is? Snapchat.

YOLO allows you to add an “Ask me anything” sticker to your Snapchat story, you can receive anonymous answers and publish anonymous question to other user. It is developed by the Popshow startup company, its president and co-founder is Gregoire Henrion, former leader of the Mindie Music Clip App, which was finally blocked from Snapchat because it caused security risks for users.

Is Yolo Really Anonymous?

According to, Yolo is really Fully Anonymous app. In which you can rely for it’s ability to hide your identity on the snapchat app. You can easily become anonymous by using the Yolo app just to send anonymous question or simply receive one, you can count of this app.

Surprised by this virality, YOLO teams would work actively to curb the flow and keep all these new users with new features.

YOLO claims as an app anonymity “more humane, more emphatic than those that preceded”. This enthusiasm reflects a genuine interest of users for honest returns and without filters that promotes anonymity. It’ll be very interesting to see how YOLO pans out. Even if it doesn’t become a new breeding ground for bullying, the app could fall just as quickly as it rose.

does yolo reveal your identity
Yolo warning sign


Up until now, there is no complaint about the app not being anonymous. But, you also need to remember that each app has it own rules. as for Yolo, it’s warning it’s user not to use violent language in order to treat or bully other user. Otherwise, the app will reveal your true identity. Lastly, I hope this article would help you to understand Is Yolo Really Anonymous app right now. Also, if you have any question regarding to YOLO , feel free to leave the comment below.

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