Is The Galaxy S9 Waterproof?

If somehow you are a combination of a clumsy type of person and also an owner of The magnificent Galaxy S9 smartphone, and you are wondering if the galaxy s9 waterproof? or just water-resistant enough to support your work every day. Then in this article, we struggle to get the best answer as we can to help answer your question.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 first launch on March 16, 2018. Since then, it never fails to amaze me. It’s a brighter display, improved cameras, faster performance, and good stereo sound feels like grabbing worthy device in the palm of my hand. Ever since the Galaxy S9 accompany me wherever I go. But, recently I remember that the previous smartphone that I have before did not end up good.

I remember somehow, My old smartphone ends up at the bottom of the toilet sink. I can’t tell you exactly how and what type of phone it is, but one thing for sure I’ve done anything that I could do to revive the phone back to its a normal condition. Seems to put it in the rice won’t work though. Now, lets go back to the topic.

Is The Galaxy S9 Waterproof?

According to the Galaxy S9/S9+ is Waterproof. And they also guarantee it to have the IP68 rating Which means you still can do texting activity or taking photos in the middle of the rain. The IP68 rating also means your Galaxy S9 has a resistant in fresh water to a maximum of depth of 1.5 meters for approximately 30 minutes. Your phone also protected from dust without the need for extra cases or covers.

But, they also give warning that some features and touchscreen may not working or performs well while you somehow un-accidentally or accidentally put the device in the deep of water. The video below shows you the immersion test on the Galaxy S9 just to show you that if there is no problem with the phone features or port while it put in the extreme water test.

In the end, Though technically the Galaxy S9 can withstand 1m of water immersion for around 30 minutes, still there are some restrictions in order to make your phone survive. What I’m trying to say is the Galaxy S9 is not completely “Water Proof”, but still it is resistant to water for a limited amount of time.

Therefore you still can do your activity like texting or taking some pictures in the middle of the rain, or just don’t get to worry enough if somehow you find your phone ends up in a bathtub full of water. If that happens, simply dry your phone with some kind of clothes or towel, and try to put the water out from the port before you try to use it as usual.

That is it the article on “is the Galaxy S9 waterproof”. If you have better reason or explanation to say it backward, please feel free to leave your comment below. We will always be happy to hear the respond from you guys.

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