iPhone recovery mode how to (step by step guide to fix your iPhone)

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]ome of new iPhone user might be wondering on “iPhone recovery mode how to” question. I believe sooner or later they might facing some error or problem with their iPhone. Such as, screen not responding, forgot password or pattern, and etc. Therefore, learning how to fix your iPhone by yourself is a must.

You need to remember also, restoring your iPhone will cause you to lost all data and content, including videos, songs, contacts, photos, and calendar information, and eventually Your device will be restored to your last iTunes backup. So before restoring a device, you should able create a backup for your iPhone. Otherwise, your device would be restored to its factory setting.

This whole process approximately takes about 7 to 10 minute to finally complete. It also depends on how fast your phone boots up and your battery life.

iPhone recovery mode how to

  • Turn off your device.
  • Connect your iPhone to your Mac and open iTunes.
  • Press and hold at the same time Sleep/Wake and the Home button, in order to force restart.
  • Hold the side button for about 10 sec after the logo appear.


  • You will see the option to Restore or Update.
  • You can choose to restore to factory setting or update your iPhone.

Since there are variety of iPhone (with or without home button) below you’ll find iPhone recovery mode how to enter recovery mode on your specific type of iPhone.

iPhone recovery mode how to  put an – iPhone X, iPhone 8, or iPhone 8 Plus into recovery mode

As iPhone 8 does not have the real Home button & iPhone X does not have this at all, so recovery mode is actually accessed through some button presses.

  • In case iTunes is opened on the Mac then close this.
  • Plug the USB to the Lightning cable into a computer.
  • Now, plug a USB to your Lightning cable into the iPhone.
  • Press the iTunes.
  • Open & release Volume Up button & then Volume Down button. Now, press & hold Side button. You will see connect to the iTunes screen.

In case due to some reason, the Recovery Mode does not work then you might try putting the iPad or iPhone into its DFU mode. The Device Firmware Update is a bit tricky to get into. It would quite often force the restore even if nothing else is working.

How to put iPhone 7 and later Version into recovery mode

As iPhone 7 does not have its physical Home button but it’s the Force Touch Home button. The functionality of recovery mode has also moved to its volume down button.

  • Switch Off the iPhone 7, in case it is not off.
  • Press & hold down On and Off button on your right side (if you are using iPhone 6 or some later version) or top (in all other iPhone devices) for three seconds.
  • You need to swipe the slide in order to turn off the confirmation slider to your right.
  • Press & hold down volume down button that is on the iPhone 7.
  • Now, plug the iPhone 7 into Windows PC or Mac and make it sure that iTunes is now running.
  • Release volume down button as you see Connect to iTunes.

How to put iPhone 6s or iPad or earlier type into recovery mode

  • Switch Off your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch in case it is not off already.
  • Now, press & hold down On and Off button on your right side (in iPhone 6 and later version) or top (in all other iPad, iPhone, and iPod) for three seconds.
  • You need to swipe the slide in order to power off the confirmation slider to your right.
  • Press & hold down Home button that is on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
  • Now, plug your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch into your Windows PC or Mac and then make it sure that iTunes is efficiently running.
  • Release Home button while you see Connect to the iTunes screen.

Hence, at this point, the iTunes must display some alert saying it has detected your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch in the recovery mode, it will allow you to restore the device.

For iPad Pro 12.9-inch or iPad Pro 11-inch

All you need to do is press & then release Volume Up button on your device, then press & release Volume Down button quickly. Press & hold Sleep and Wake button on your device until this restarts automatically. Now, keep holding Sleep and Wake button on your device until your iPad gets into the Recovery mode.

As Recovery Mode starts, connect your device to the computer.

What to Do When You are in the Recovery Mode

As the device is already in its Recovery Mode, now you have almost about fifteen minutes before this automatically exits. In case you do not move fast enough & your iPhone exits its Recovery Mode then repeat the action that is explained above in order to enter this again.

There will pop up a window on the computer once you have actually entered into Recovery Mode on the tablet or phone. As you view the “Restore or Update” options, select Update.

Now, you would need to try the “Update” option rather than the “Restore” option as your issues might be fixed very well through some easy update to the iPhone that would keep your entire content & personal settings. In case it does not actually work then you may need to select “Restore” that would automatically remove all of the content & your personal data on the device.

Do not click the “Restore” option in case you do not have some backup of the data or need to go through with this process & also make sure that you try the “Update” option first in order to save yourself from the potential heartache. Select the “Update” option then, & iTunes would work for reinstalling iOS on the phone when leaving the data intact. Hope it answer your question “iPhone recovery mode how to” topic. feel free to leave the comment below.

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