How to turn off auto brightness on iphone x

Many people have found the auto brightness on iPhone x feature to be annoying. it is automatically making their screen too bright or not bright enough on itself. Some people said it is very annoying when they are about doing their activity like playing games or watching videos. The auto brightness seems up and down automatically so that they are need to adjust the setting again and again. More over this auto brightness feature draining their battery fast. Therefore, it is better to turn off the auto brightness feature right away if you really don’t need it.

Since the setting are somewhat hidden on this recent iPhone iOS, people keep wondering if there is a way to turn off the auto brightness setting manually when they’re don’t really need it? To be honest, I simply don’t  understand why Apple choose to make this setting hard to be seen. Not like its previous iOS where you can easily turn on and off auto brightness setting easily. Seems Apple failed to . Just like people said “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” Apple come on. It is likely, Apple need to consider that this auto brightness feature aren’t really useful for it’s user. Furthermore, If you found this feature annoying and simply want to turn it off.  Here’s how you change your auto-brightness settings on recent iPhone iOS.

1. Go to Setting on your iPhone/iPad.

2. Press General.

3. Press Accessibility.

4. Press Display Accomodation

5. Slide Auto-Brightness to left (to turn it off)

Soon, after you turn the Auto-Brightness off. You can immediately adjusting your brightness level easily on Setting>Display and brightness. Slide the volume to your liking, whether it’s little bit high or low. So that your iPhone won’t automatically change the brightness level again.

The last thing you need to consider is to turn off the true tone to off. I found it true tone make the display to looks more yellow than usual. But, if you feel it is fine with your true tone setting then it is okay for you to keep it’s on. FYI, the difference between true tone and auto brightness is more likely True Tone adjusts the white balance to the light around you. and Auto brightness simply adjusts the brightness to the light level around you.

How to stop iPhone X from automatically dimming?

some people facing the problem that their iPhone X screen continues to dim automatically. The problem that cause this still be a mystery. It might happen because the malfunction of the phone features or you happen to activate it incidentally. In some case it rarely to happen. but if you are facing the problem. here is how to fix the iPhone that automatically dim by itself.

  1. Press the Setting.
  2. Press the General.
  3. Click the Auto Lock Option.
  4. Enter the value (how long your auto lock will respond).

That’s it, the simple way to fix your auto-brightness iPhone X display and Dimming problem within your iPhone x. If you guys have any mind blowing trick to fix the above problems, you may put your comment and exact step by step down below.

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