How to see how many people view your Instagram

Have you ever wondered how to see how many people view your Instagram profile? What kind of post exactly did they see? What activity did they make in your profile? Sometimes this curiosity arises right when we are about to open our Instagram account. This is definitely a very important case, especially if you are building your business empire via Instagram App. Knowing how many people visiting your profile is very important, as it will give you very useful insight and information about what to do next.

Luckily in year 2019, Instagram has developed a new feature that tells you how many times people have visited your Instagram profile. From there you can increase and optimize the account that you have so that more users will visit your profile and start to follow you. There is actually 2 method that you can use in order to get the insight of your Instagram account as in Facebook. Below you’ll find the first step that I used to do to get the insight of my Instagram data.

How to see how many people view your Instagram

  • Open your Instagram App.
  • On your profile click options (the gear like button).
  • Slide down and click “Switch to Business Profile”.
  • Click continue and create your Facebook Page.
  • Then close it and open it again your Instagram App.
  • Now you’ll see the insight on top of your right corner Instagram profile page.
  • Open it and see the insight of to know how many people visiting your profile.

After you complete the steps above, now your Instagram account will become a business account. And as you may have seen, I’ve changed my personal profile to business profile. It is solely because of This feature for knowing how many visitors came to your Instagram profiles is indeed only available for accounts that have changed to business profiles only. What’s more is you don’t need to pay any cent in order to get the insight of your visitor data. Though you may have only see the number of people that came without knowing exactly who is the person who came to your profile at that time. But, I still believe it is still useful for your further research.

How to see how many people view your Instagram switch to business profile

The other way, you can use the paid Apps on the play store such as: “Who Viewed My Instagram Profile”,etc. The benefits of using this paid apps, you can easily spot on people who had view your profile complete with their username and their profile picture.

Conclusion, you can have it the free way or paid way that suit you best to give yourself an answer how to see how many people view your Instagram. The Instagram account with this business profile has many cool features put by the developer himself. Which will make you not only be able to see visits to Instagram profiles. But it can also monitor the overall posts you make. Meanwhile, the paid apps could give you more additional data complete with the name and profile pics of your visitors.

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