How to screenshot on toshiba laptop

Not long ago, my friend came to me and asking this question “how to screenshot on Toshiba laptop”. He in need to capture some images in his laptop, and he really having a hard time to figure it out. I told him, basically taking a screen capture within Toshiba laptop and other laptop are quite similar. You only need to find out some important shortcut key on your keyboard to take screen capture.

As for now, here is a hint on exactly how to take a screenshot on laptop. First thing you need to do is to locate the Print Screen key within your Toshiba laptop.  The place will be right on the top right hand corner of your keyboard. Then, you also need to locate the function key which is located on the bottom left of your keyboard. Now, to take the screenshot, you can press both of the key at the same time so it will send the image to the clipboard on your laptop Toshiba.

The step above will capture the entire screen of your windows laptop not the window that you’re currently in. If you just want to take an image of the current window that you’re in, you may press alt and the print screen instead. This procedure will not take the entire image which includes the background only it will just take a graphic of the internet explorer window (or the active windows). This step, if you follow carefully can be useful and save a lot of time clipping.

how to screenshot on toshiba laptop key

How to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop in Windows 8?

For people that are using Windows 8 you can use the Windows key and the Print Screen key. File with the image will be located automatically in your pictures folder.

How to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop in Windows 10?

  • Press the print screen key
  • open “Paint” apps
  • Click Ctrl+V to paste to Paint.
  • Edit Your screen shot.

How to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop without Print screen key

For some case, your Toshiba laptop may not have the print screen button or simply the button may not working. the solution for your problem would be using combination between the FN key, windows key and END key. First thing to do, you hold down the FN key + the windows key and then at the same time press END. Hope it could help you to take screen capture on your Toshiba laptop.

The other way around, you can install the other 3rd party apps such as Aiseesoft Screen Capture. This app easily could help you print screen your display easily with its ability, you can capture whole screen or selected screen, you can also edit the image (blur it, erase, adding caption or callout the image), and pin to screen directly for further screenshot taking. That is all about how to screenshot on Toshiba laptop, Hope you enjoy it. also make sure to leave feedback and comment below if you have better solution to take screen capture easily using Toshiba laptop.

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