How to Screenshot on OnePlus 6T

Have no idea how to screenshot on OnePlus 6T? Do not worry about that. This article will show you detailed tutorials for taking a screenshot on brand new and fascinating OnePlus 6T smartphone.

OnePlus 6T coming to India around Nov’18 as a successor of OnePlus 6. Putting up new feature (in-screen fingerprint scanner, all-day battery life, and Powerful rear camera) together has make OnePlus 6T consistently better then it’s contender.

For people who managed to own this latest OnePlus flagship, you might be astounded by the latest features of this  device. One of it astonishing feature is the option to take screenshots. There are actually three different method provided by OnePlus 6T smartphone to screen capture your display. So, without further ado, here’s how.

How to screenshot on OnePlus 6t

  • Locate the content that you’d like to capture.
  • Press The Power button and Volume Button at the same time.
  • Hold for a second.
  • You’ll see the screenshot animation.
  • Look for your screenshot folder in gallery.
  • Edit and save.

Step above are the old fashioned way to take screenshot by involving your both hand to press the physical button. After pressing the button, you’ll see your screen dim for a second and you’re also going to hear usual screen capture sound. This one is definitely the fast and easy way to capture your 6 and 6T screen display.

As an additional, you can edit the image (screenshot result) by clicking the pencil edit button. After clicking the button you’ll see full set of tools to customize the image. You can use the image editor add some text or line or circle around your image.


Option #2: Three Fingers Screenshot (activation and how to)

  • Go to Setting.
  • Scroll down and Click “Buttons and Gestures”.
  • Click “Quick Gestures”.
  • Toggle ON “Three Fingers Screenshot”.
  • Locate your screenshot content.
  • Place your Three Fingers (index finger, middle finger, and ring finger) on your screen display.
  • Quickly swipe downward with your three fingers attached.
  • You’ll see the screenshot animation.
  • Save.

Taking a screenshot with three fingers could be fun. You simply put your index finger, middle finger and ring finger all together right in front of your screen display. Then, swipe down quickly in order to screen capture your display.


Option #3: Using a Thumb Screenshot

  • Press and Hold on The Power Button.
  • You’ll see the option (Power Off, Restart, and Screenshot).
  • Press the Screenshot option.
  • You’ll see the animated screen for screenshot.
  • Edit and Save.

The last option will comes in handy when you’re wearing gloves in the winter, maybe your hands are super wet, you’re not really able to touch on the screen, or the screen not really being responsive, and perhaps you don’t want to use two or three fingers to take a screenshot. You’ll still be able to take screenshot simply by using your single thumb and by following the steps above.

That is all the three option on how to screenshot on OnePlus 6T. Hopefully it could help you doing some screenshot experiment with your new mobile phone. Still, dont forget to leave your good comment down below if you have suggestion or better way to screen capture your mobile phone display.

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