How to screenshot on Moto G6

This quick guide explains How to screenshot on Moto G6 (Motorola). Taking a screenshot with your brand new moto g6 smart phone are actually easy. But, if you are familiar with other android phones, this may differ a bit. as we all know that each mobile phone company has it own way of doing it. Not to mention inside Moto G6 there are setting which allow you to screenshot by using your 3 fingers attach to the phone screen.

Before we begin, people notice that Motorola Moto G6 build for “mid-range phone” user. The phone doesn’t have quite the same level of specifications as flagships phone, but surprisingly it came with unexpected spec and delivers astonishingly good value for money.  We found the Moto G6 has a pretty decent camera setup, sufficient hardware, fast charging, and also came with decent price $250 at launch. Therefore, we can say Moto G6 is actually a good choice for a budget phone.

Back on to the topic, in this brand new Moto G6 you can perform 2 methods of screenshot taking. First, you can use the traditional method by using physical button and secondly there are setting that need to be change in order to activate the three finger mode. Without further ado, here is how to do it.

How to screenshot on Moto G6

  • Pick the screen you want to capture.
  • Press and hold the power button and volume down button simultaneously.
  • Wait for the screen to dim (flash)
  • Open and check your screenshot right inside your Photos app.
  • Edit or save your screenshot result.

How to screenshot on Moto G6 1

Taking a screenshot with this conventional method is very practical. You just need to click some sort of button in order to do so. But, what if the button is not working and you still in need badly to take a screenshot with your phone. Then simply the below step will help you to screen capture your display.

Taking a screenshot by using 3 finger with Moto G6

  • Scroll over to the Moto app in your screen.
  • Click Moto Actions.
  • Toggle on Quick Screenshot.
  • Pick the screen you want to capture.
  • Put your three finger (middle , index, and ring finger) against your screen display to take screenshot.
  • Wait for the screen to dim (flashing)
  • Done.

How to screenshot on Moto G6 2

This last method on how to screenshot on Moto G6 using three fingers are actually very fun for me. Whenever I found some interesting news or chat or even web-page that I need to capture, I simply put down my three fingers against my screen display to take a screenshot. I found it very easy and simple to do it that way. Also this method are very helpful if the physical buttons are not working at all.


Now that you guys know how to screenshot on Moto g6 and Moto g6 plus. You can easily find the result of the screenshot right inside your Photos app for easy accessibility, and It was not that really complicated if you applied the two method above in right way. In the end, if you guys have better way to screenshot with Moto G6 please leave comment below.


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