How to screenshot on LG Stylo 4

Having the latest LG Stylo series and wondering how to screenshot on LG Stylo 4? This post is for you. Before we begin, we know that LG Stylo 4 is designed to be a “mid-tier” phone. The spec of the phone itself are pretty medium (Snapdragon 450 1.8 GHz,3,300 mAh Battery, Android 8.1, Stylus pen, Fingerprint sensor, Headphone jack, USB Type-C fast charging). But, it doesn’t really matter. Instead of the “enough” spec, I myself admire the design of this phone. The thin bezels make this phone perfect. You may not find a $250 phone which has a screen this big or bezels this small only in LG Stylo 4.

The LG Stylo 4 also came with the Stylus. Which will be useful later on to screen capture your phone. The Stylo 4’s stylus also feels good in your hand and great on the screen. You actually can use it to access any app or shortcut you choose. More importantly it will make your life even easier.

There are actually 4 ways to take a screenshot of your LG Stylo 4 phone screen. Instead of using stylus, you can also use the conventional method to screen capture your display. Not only that, the last method will show you how to screenshot LG Stylo 4 the hidden way. without further ado, here is how.

How to screenshot on LG Stylo 4

  • Pick the display you want to capture.
  • Press the Volume down button and the power button at the same time.
  • wait for the screen to dim.
  • The screenshot will automatically saved to your gallery.
  • Edit or Save it.

Above method are very conventional method to take a screenshot with your android or LG Stylo series phone. Though, I found that this method are very simple to apply without the need to change any setting of your phone.  Simply by using your both hand pressed simultaneously against the button to take screenshot of your phone display.

2. Taking screenshot using “Capture+” menu.

  • Pull down the status bar.
  • Click on the Capture+ on the left hand corner of the status bar.
  • You’ll see there are new menu on your display.
  • Click the √ (check-mark sign) on the top left of your display to take screenshot.
  • Click on Gallery to save it.

How to screenshot on LG Stylo 4 a

The second method are pretty handy if the physical button not working. You can easily taking a screenshot on your LG Stylo 4 by pulling down the notification bar and activated the Capture+ function on your phone. The Capture+ also useful if you want to make a writing or a sign before clicking a check-mark button. You can add more information in your screen capture file right before you taking a screenshot with it.

How to screenshot on LG Stylo 4 b

3. Taking a screenshot with Fingerprint sensor

  • Pull down notification bar.
  • Click “Gear Icon” or open setting.
  • Tap General.
  • Click Shortcut Key.
  • Toggle on “take screenshot”
  • Double Tap and hold for a second “Fingerprint Sensor” to take a screenshot.
  • Wait for the screen to dim.
  • Save your screenshot.

How to screenshot on LG Stylo 4 c

This way more easier to take a screenshot on your LG Stylo 4 simple double tapping your fingerprint sensor on the back of your smartphone. Though, you still need to change the setting in order to activate the function. FYI, after the second tap make sure you keep your hand pressed on the fingerprint sensor for a second or until the screen dim for itself.

4. Taking a screenshot by using Stylus Pen

The first thing to do, you need to pull out your stylus pen out of the phone. Then, the menu showed up on your phone screen. Click on capture+ menu and simply take your screenshot by clicking the check-mark and save it to your gallery. It is pretty much the same with the second method, only this time you are using the combination of stylus pen and capture+ function. You can also edit the screenshot with your stylus pen before saving it.


The LG Stylo 4 is a is perfect phone for your every day use. Also, the phone is great for taking notes or just doodling during your meetings. Not only that, I found this phone are very satisfying with it stylus. the pen itself make you don’t have to clean your phone screen 24 times a day since there are no fingerprint left if you use it. Lastly, we hope that 4 tips and tricks above on how to screenshot on LG Stylo 4 could help you take amazing and useful screenshot on your phone. As always, leave a comment below if you have better way to do screenshot.

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