How to Screenshot on Galaxy S9

Having the latest S9 & S9+ and still wondering about how to screenshot on galaxy S9, then right in this article, we will shed some light on three different methods from which you can use and do some amazing experiment in order to take a screenshot on Samsung galaxy S9.

Taking a screenshot with your latest S9 galaxy mobile phone doesn’t differ so much from its predecessor the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. Basically, you can do simple screen grab by using physical button on your phone. With the latest built in software within its mobile phone device (S9 & S9+), Samsung tries to go a step further.

The Company offer you lots of alternative methods for capturing the feed from the display. Further more, You can even take scrolling screenshots, which are very useful for saving web pages. For you who not very familiar with the option or shortcut to take a screenshot with the latest Galaxy line up, here’s how to do it.

How to Screenshot on Galaxy S9

  • Locate the content whose screenshot you wish to capture.
  • Immediately Press and Hold down the Power and Volume Down buttons.
  • Hold both button for second until you hear a shutter sound and see a flash on the screen.
  • Pull down the Notification Bar.
  • Edit or Save the Screenshot.

After taking a screenshot, you have two option. First you can pull your notification bar and edit it, or simply clicking the additional options that popping at the bottom of your screen. Both options have the same use, you can easily cropping, markup, editing and sharing your screenshot by choosing one of the two available options. The screenshot file is usually saved in Internal Storage/DCIM/Screenshots.

The next wonderful thing of taking a screenshot with Galaxy S9 is actually, you can take a longer screenshot to have a complete screen capture of your wishing content. It becomes very useful if you want to screen grab of a message or web page that would require you to scroll down and capture longer important information in that particular pages. How to activate it (Scroll Capture) is pretty much easy. Simply by taking a screenshot by following the steps above. Wait for the additional option pops out. Press “Capture More” and Continually press the Scroll Capture in order to keep extending the screenshot down. It’s not infallible, but I can assure you it works great. Just give it a try.

How to Screenshot on Galaxy S9 2


Option #2: Using Palm Swipe

  • Activate the Palm Swipe feature.
  • Go to Settings > Advanced Features > Palm Swipe to capture.
  • Toggle it ON.
  • Go to the content or page you wish to capture.
  • Put your palm vertically on the side of the screen.
  • Swipe it across to screenshot.

How to Screenshot on Galaxy S9 1


Palm swapping is such a fun method to take a screenshot using Galaxy S9. Just by using a simple Gesture, you can screen capture your display. To do that simply by swiping the screen by using the edge of your hand from right direction to left direction or vice versa in order to capture a screenshot. Palm Swap feature can also be combined with the “Scroll Capture” to take a longer screenshot.

Option #3: Using Bixby Voice Command

  • Locate the content you wish to capture.
  • Activate Virtual Assistant by Press and Hold the Bixby button.
  • Alternatively by saying “Hi, Bixby”.
  • Say “take a screenshot” When the Bixby interface is activated
  • Edit or Save the screenshot.

Taking a screenshot in galaxy S9 with Bixby personal assistant could become the best experience. To activate it, simply by Pressing and holding the Bixby button on the device’s right hand side. Then, you need to speak aloud “Take a screenshot” will do exactly that. The other Alternative to activate it, you can wake Bixby by saying “Hi Bixby”. But first, you’ll need to make sure the Bixby personal assistant already activated by opening Bixby Home, then Settings and Voice wake-up.

In conclusion, The Samsung Company the manufacturer of Galaxy S9 has given us various methods to take a screenshot aside from the traditional method. Simply by following the steps above you can take wonderful and amazing screenshot from you device. Hope the article above answer your question “how to screenshot on Galaxy S9“. As always, if you have better option or ways to screen capture your display, feel free to share with us here by leaving a comment below.

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