How to screenshot on Galaxy S10

Brand new phone with the same old question how to screenshot on galaxy s10. It’s still early on 2019 people already excited with the latest Galaxy S10 and it’s feature. Samsung Galaxy S10 known powered by Exynos 9820 chip-set. This chip-set alone could carry out AI tasks seven times much faster than its Galaxy predecessor. Not only that, the chip-set also offers up to a 20% single-core performance boost which will leaves it’s predecessors far away behind. All thanks to it’s new integrated neural processing unit  (NPU).

Back to the question above, ever since it’s release on February 20 Not much technical information given about the phone itself. Some brand new user might be wondering on how to do things or what combination of keys or shortcut to take just to do screen capture or etc. Therefore, we strive to give you the answer below.

How to Screenshot on Galaxy S10

  • Get the screen you want to capture.
  • Press the Power button and the Volume down buttons.
  • Hold both buttons until your device takes a screenshot.
  • Release the button after the screen dim.
  • save.


The steps above are the most common way on how to take a screenshot on all Android smartphones (Galaxy S7, S8, S9). Simply by pressing and holding the volume down and power buttons at the same time, for a second or two for the device to do its magic, and you’re good to go. it’s pretty easy right? Not to mention you can do screen capture as the predecessor Galaxy S7, S8, S9 by palm swapping.

Samsung Galaxy S10 is definitely a strong phone 2019 from Samsung indeed, although we could feel a lack of upgrades to it’s battery and camera are not as expected. The one thing that is feel good to me is the rebooted screen. The rebooted screen feel more very attractive, and really makes a big difference to this phone.

For the price, Samsung seems hiking up the phone prices pretty well for it’s new models. This flagship 5G ‘Samsung Galaxy S10’, definitely will be pretty expensive. But, with it latest feature put on this phone, could make the Galaxy S10 become the most exciting Galaxy launch in years 2019 and for me the prices of this phone might just be worth it. That is How to screenshot on Galaxy S10 button, if you have better ways to print screen your display please share and make sure to leave the fabulous comment below.

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