How to Screenshot on Galaxy S10 Plus

So that you own Samsung Latest flagship smart phone Galaxy S10 Plus and still figuring out how to take screenshot with it? Right in this article “How to Screenshot on Galaxy S10 Plus”  you’ll learn 3 easy steps to to take a screenshot with your device. Nowadays as we all know, most people spent almost half of their time surfing on the internet. Just for having fun, doing some works, looking for the latest news, or just watching YouTube, etc.

Therefore, people looking for the right and useful device or gadget to accompany them to finish the day. Samsung as the biggest smartphone brand taking this opportunity and filling the gap along with it Galaxy smart phone series. It’s latest and well-known phone are Galaxy S series. Galaxy S series comes with strong battery life, latest chip-set, powerful camera, large storage, bigger ram, in-screen fingerprint sensor, Bixby button, etc.

For you whom already had this Galaxy S series predecessor Galaxy S9 & S9 Plus, taking a screenshot with it successor Galaxy S10 Plus will become much more easier. Cause, it pretty much the same. But for you who new to this smart phone might find it a little bit difficulties. For example there are some setting that need to be adjust if you want to activate the “Palm Swipe” method, and for “Scrolling” to take longer screenshot, cropping, or editing there are some steps to follow.

How to Screenshot on Galaxy S10 Plus

  • Locate the Bixby button right under your volume down button.
  • Click the Bixby button.
  • Ask Bixby to take a screenshot.
  • Wait for the screen to flash.
  • You’ll notice the menu pop out right under your screen display.
  • Use it to edit or crop your screenshot.
  • Save your screenshot.

how to screenshot on galaxy s10 plus bixby button


As we all know that Samsung still giving a room for it’s Bixby button for the convenient of it’s user. With Bixby, you can easily taking a screenshot, edits photos, sends messages, and composes emails on command. You can take control of everything you used to do on your phone just by clicking only one button “Bixby button”. Other things you can do with Bixby are control some smart home appliances, including smart fridges, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, and TVs, and lots of of other Samsung devices. The second trick, as mentioned above is taking a screenshot with “Palm Swaping” method.

#2nd Trick

  • Make sure your palm clean before touching the S10 Plus screen.
  • Put your palm side at the edge of the screen.
  • Swipe your palm till it reach the edge of the screen.
  • Wait and see the screen animated.
  • Save or edit your screenshot.

This palm swipe method is pretty fun to do. It’s actually not very old method, cause you also can do that with the Galaxy S series predecessor such as Galaxy S7, But, if somehow it is not working on your device, you might want to check the setting of your phone to make sure everything put correctly. In order to do that, you need to go to your iPhone Settings > Then, go to Advanced features > Then Click Motions and gestures > Last, Toggle on ‘Palm swipe to capture’. That is all the method to activate your Palm Swipe function.

#3rd Trick

  • Choose the display you want to capture.
  • Hold two button simultaneously (the volume down button and the power button).
  • Wait for the screen to dim.
  • Save or edit it.

Now, this I believe the very old method to take a screenshot with your phone Galaxy S10 plus. I bet everyone already know that. But, almost every time you take a screenshot by using whatever method in this device Galaxy S10 Plus, You’ll find the pop up menu right under your screen display. The menu are Scroll icon, crop icon, edit icon and share icon. Simply if you feel like to edit your screenshot you just need to click the pencil icon right in the pop up menu, or you feel like to have a longer screenshot you might want to click the scrolling icon which looks like the arrow down, or you just feel like it is better to have small part of screenshot just click the crop icon.

In conclusion, I mostly using the first method to screen cap my display. Cause I find it very convenient for me simply by clicking one button and ask any command to Bixby then boom it’s done in a few minutes. In older time I used mostly combination of physical button to screenshot my display, but today it seems not needed anymore with the help of Bixby. I know not everyone agree with me, some of you might want the bixby button to dismiss cause you feel like it unnecessary. But in the end, it comes back to you which method you feel best to answer the question how to screenshot with galaxy S10 plus then you use it. As always if you have any question or better method, please feel free to leave the comment below.

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