How to Put Snapchat in Reverse

As we all know, the Snapchat app is very popular among teens worldwide. the app full of million active users seeking to find joy and happiness with friends, family, etc. This app allows users to do things they want with their own picture or videos cause it packed with a marvelous filter which comes as an additional.

People who are using the Snapchat app also aware that they can also do a magnificent thing with their video on this app. Not only they can edit their picture but also edit their videos to play forward and backward.

Then lucky for you, if you are looking for the easiest way How to Put Snapchat in Reverse or how to put a video in reverse on Snapchat, today is the day. I will show you how you can put your video that you recorded recently on your Snapchat to play backward.

How to Put Snapchat in Reverse?

  • Open your Snapchat app.
  • Record some video.
  • Once it has done, slide your screen to the right.
  • Slide until you’ll see the three arrows filters (rewind filter).
  • Choose the rewind filter.
  • Done.

That is how to put your Snapchat in reverse. Make sure you follow the guides as exactly as it said, or just watch the video above to have a more clear picture and explanation. The video down below also teaches you how to speed up Snapchat videos or your tiktok videos, use Slow Motion, and also Reverse. You can use it whatever mode you want to make your recently recorded video become much more valuable to you or people you loved.

Make sure that your videos are 10 seconds long, otherwise, the rewind feature on your Snapchat app will not work properly. Therefore, if your videos have over 10 seconds length, you may need to edit and cut the part you don’t need to.

Last, if you have a question regarding this article “How to Put Snapchat in Reverse”. or feel like it quite lack information or you just can’t follow the guides straight away or you find a better method it is okay for you to leave the comment down below just to share with others. I appreciate it. And also don’t forget to read our other article related to the Snapchat app, by looking into category Snapchat or just maneuver to the homepage and scroll down to another page.

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