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How to Put a Tik Tok in Reverse?

How cool is it to play Tik Tok video in reverse? Lots of people who familiar with this Tik Tok app mostly searched for the latest cool trick to play with. Just like the Slow Motion Hair Flip Trick, Video Reverse trick, or etc. The one that mostly searched on the internet and what we want to discuss today is going to be the video reverse trick.

To do the video reverse trick is actually not very difficult at all. Firstly, and of course, you need to have the Tik Tok app installed in your phone before you can apply the special time effect. Then, the next step you may want to record any video you want, or better video if you want to add the backward effect.

There are actually 2 ways to put a video in reverse on Tik Tok. First from the app itself, in this case, the Tik Tok app that you are already installed to your phone, and the second way you can have your video play backward by using the third party app such as Kappwing or Beecut. I myself preferred to do the trick by using the original Tik Tok app. But, some report saying that not all phone has this special effect. Therefore, you may want to check for the third party app to do the reverse video on Tik Tok.

How to Put a Tik Tok in Reverse

  • Open your Tik Tok app.
  • Record some video.
  • Tap the Special Effect (on bottom left of your Tik Tok screen).
  • Go to Time Effect.
  • Tap Reverse.
  • Wait for the processing.
  • Done.

The video above will give you a clear explanation on how to put a video in reverse on tik tok the easy way. Make sure you guys following the guides very carefully, cause we don’t want any mistake in making of our first backward video. Also, you guys need to make sure to have the latest Tik Tok app installed on your smartphone because some people saying that there is no “Reverse effect” on their app.

Lastly, it is also Ok if you want to make a reverse tik tok video by installing another third-party app. Because there is no rule to prohibit you to do that. And be very thankful if your app already filled with the latest special effect, cause not everyone has it. Also, if you have any recommendation to do the reverse video better you may leave the comment below and I’ll approve it as soon I’m having free time.

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