How to Get the Warmer V3 Snapchat Filter Easily

Another day another filter for Snapchat fans. Today Warmer V3 Snapchat filter becoming trending topic on google. Seems people curious what can this filter do when their downloaded it to their phone.

Warmer V3 Snapchat Filter gives you warm effect, you should try it yourself.

How to Get the Warmer V3 Snapchat Filter

  1. You need to open the Snapchat App on your Phone.
  2. Use the snapchat camera to scan the image below.
  3. Hold your finger still on your display screen to unlock the Warmer V3  lense.
  4. Done.

That is how you can get the new warmer lense on your snapchat lense arsenal. if you still feel unlucky, you can still watch the video down below in order to get better perspective.

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