How to Get The New Snapchat Filter

If you are looking for How to Get The New Snapchat Filter 2019, Then here is the place. I’ll show you the easiest way for you to get the latest snapchat lense. But before that let us talk about how Snapchat is becoming one of the social media that is widely used in all over the world. Even the features on Snapchat itself can inspire many developments on the other social media.

All that happen because of snapchat won’t stop upgrading or adding it’s features to put in its photo and video filter. The row of filters on Snapchat is so sophisticated. That feature is like being able to add funny effects instantly and in real time in your life. It’s affect your mood in the day.Plus, you don’t need to bother using any other complicated editing application. just stick with it, and you already become master of editing.

How to Get The New Snapchat Filter

  • Find somebody who has the filter you want (baby filter, male to female filter, beard filter)
  • Ask him to send the message with the picture of him using the filter,
  • Open the message containing his picture with filter.
  • On the bottom of your screen you’ll see “Try Lense”.
  • Tap it.
  • Save the new filter to your snapchat.

The most wanted filter beside the baby filter is definitely the male to female filter. It can make the male users look so much beautiful in an instant. It makes them not to worry to apply powder, mascara, lipstick or other rows of makeup. Just use the filter, then you can show off beautiful face photos and videos. Just like the people below:

This guy is getting DMs now:

This guy turned into Anne Hathaway:

That is all the easiest way How to Get The New Snapchat Filter 2019 right into your app. As always, if you kind of lost, make sure to watch the video guide above. And also you can leave comments below just to share with everyone else.

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