How to Get Baby Filter on Snapchat

Here is what everyone looking for, how to get a baby filter on Snapchat. 2 days ago I’ve reinstalled my Snapchat and acquire two new filters there on my app, the beard filter and the male to female filter. But, I’m pretty sure I lack the baby filter. As you guys know that I’ve already made some tutorial on how to get these latest filter to your snapchat arsenal. Though I’m still lacking the child or baby filter myself. I’ve had asked my friend whether he has this filter but in fact, it doesn’t.

Through night and night of searching, eventually, I’ve found the easiest way to add the baby filter to my app. Basically, you need extra time to do it. Because you need to find or search for people who use this particular filter on their snapchat story. Without further ado, here is how:

How to get baby filter on Snapchat?

  • Open your Snapchat.
  • Go to Discover section on your bottom right.
  • Search for person who use the Baby filter.
  • Open their story to check.
  • On their story you may notice the “Try Lens” Add the bottom of your screen.
  • Tap it “Try Lens”
  • Done, the new snapchat filter will be add to your lens.

I know that sometimes it takes a pretty much your time just to search for a person who has the filter you want (in this case the baby filter). But, if you kind of lazy like me, you can straight get to Ivan Martinez Snapchat (ivanmart31) cause as of now this guy is using the baby filter.

How to Get Baby Filter on Snapchat 1

How to add it to your account? simply go to discover and search for Ivan Martinez Account (ivanmart31). Then, add him as a friend, then click his profile pic, you will be entering his latest story. As of now, you have to act fast to get this baby filter. I’ve found it is worked for me, the other way around perhaps you need extra time to search for people who have this filter in the discovery section.

Finally, hope the article “how to get a baby filter on snapchat” could help you to get the filter you want. The guides above also apply to other filters such as gender change filter (male to female filter) or Latest beard filter. Also, make sure you guys leave the comment below if somehow one of you own the filter and want to share with us.

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