How to Find Wolverine in Fortnite

Wolverine has finally arrived in Fortnite, hiding in Weeping Woods while waiting for a fight. If you manage to defeat Wolverine, you’ll unlock the Wolverine skin as long as you have the Season 4 Battle Pass. It’s a tough fight, especially with dozens of players rushing to find it and take it down, but the reward is well worth it.

It might be worth waiting for more people to complete the challenge and the hype to die down before taking down Wolverine. The other players will only make the challenges more difficult. Here’s how to find Wolverine in Fortnite:

  1. Go to misty meadows first to grab the Helicopter.
  2. Then, go to settings and then find Visualize Sound Effects, turn it on.
  3. Head over to the Weeping Woods or Slurpy Swamps.
  4. Explore the area with your Choppa from one location to another until you find Wolverine Footstep.
  5. Done, Defeat the Wolverine to have it’s skin.

how to find wolverine footstep in fortnite

Pro tips, after you find the wolverine footsteps land your Helicopter near it and run back towards the tail of the helicopter. Sit back patiently by the tail and then get him to come on over. The Wolverine must be stuck by the Helicopter and it is time for you to shoot him down to eliminate the Wolverine and get it skins.

If you are still having trouble locating it, you can watch this video, which has a good strategy to find it. Remember, you can only find it in normal Battle Royale modes, and everyone will be looking for it now. So, it’s going to be pretty tough.

Engage in the fight with Wolverine as far away from him as possible, try to do so in an inaccessible area, and make sure to finish him off as he will come back pretty quickly if you don’t. Once you have defeated Wolverine, you will unlock the Wolverine skin in Fortnite. You can find it in your locker after the match is over.

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