How to Do Anonymous Questions on Snapchat 2019

In this article, you’ll learn how to do anonymous questions on snapchat. The additional app such as Sarahah, Lipsi or Yolo becoming quite popular among teen right now. As we all know that the anonymous messaging app such as Sarahah takes the concept of where you can create an account, a name, and simply you can share it on your social networks. Then, on the application itself, you will receive anonymous messages sent by anyone. To be noticed, the incoming messages are not always nice since it was sent by anonymous.

The application (Sarahah) itself was very popular in the Gulf countries and Africa. Since it was originally created to simplify the relationship between employee and employer. They could post anonymous messages to find out who is thinking of whom, etc. It was created by Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, a developer from Saudi Arabia, his mini social network integrates perfectly with SnapChat and allows to receive anonymous questions and to answer them.

How to do anonymous questions on snapchat

  • Open your snapchat app.
  • Click Snap.
  • Then Click the paper clip icon.
  • Type in your Sarahah Profile URL.
  • Click search or go.
  • Click on attach to snap.
  • Send it to your story or friends.

The video above is kinda helpfull if you are kind of lost following the step by step guides given.  I found this to be the most popular way to be anonymous on snapchat. meanwhile, I’m going to do an update for How to Do Anonymous Questions on Snapchat by using Yolo pretty soon. Therefore I need you guys to stay tune on my blog for a while.

Update: how to do the yolo on snapchat

The video above showing you how to set up Yolo on snapchat. Simply by following the guides above your Onyolo account is now getting linked to your Snapchat account. So that it would make it easy for you to do the yolo anonymous questions. Right from there on, you can start to receive any anonymous messages from your snapchat followers.

Does Yolo reveal your identity?

The answer is no, Yolo will only reveal your identity only if you are sending inappropriate messages to another Yolo user. You definitely don’t want your identity to be revealed, don’t you? therefore, keep in mind to not sending bullying messages to someone else.

That is how you can avoid your identity to be revealed by somebody else. Also, be aware of a fake app that saying they can reveal your identity as soon as you install them. Believe me, it’s all fake app. I really recommend you to stay away from these apps, since These apps just using you to complete shady surveys and earn money from you.

does yolo reveal your identity
Warning sign from the App

The last things to be notice, with this anonymous message sending applications is that some people can’t control their language or what choice of words they’re about to spill. Cause they feel more comfortable when their identity is hidden. Thus, insults and messages with violent become easier to spread out. As with, drifts and hate spills become commonplace and can lead to some horrific acts. Therefore, use it wisely.

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