How to Allow Camera Access in Snapchat

Nowadays people keep having problem to Allow Camera Access in Snapchat. Searching on the internet for help still not working for them.

Here we have solution for you who still looking to solve problem “How to Allow Camera Access in Snapchat”

For an Iphone user simply you can follow this guide through this video down below.

How to Allow Camera Access in Snapchat

For an android user simply follow this below guide:

1. Turn your Phone on/off

  • Delete the app!!
  • Turn off your phone
  • Let it rest for it a bit then turn it back on & get the app!!
    It worked for me

The above solution may work to help you gain camera access on snapchat. The simplest thing you can do just clear your cache first before turn your phone off. Remember to turn your mobile phone off and let it rest for 2-3 minutes. then you can turn it again to see if it works. If it don’t work, then you can try the above solution by deleting your snapchat app on your phone then to turn it off and let it rest.

2. Delete some Pictures and Cache

This method somehow works on particular mobile device. the point is you need to give some space on your mobile device for the new pic file. Simply by deleting your unwanted pictures and clear some cache will works.

What do you think about this post “How to Allow Camera Access in Snapchat”. Leave a comment below.

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