How Many Subscribers Did James Have?

Beauty YouTuber James Charles keep losing it’s subscriber after a video was posted by his former friend Tati Westbrook.  If you are wondering how many Subscribers did james have before the incident, then here is the right place for you. Right in this article I show you how big is James Charles subscribers. Keep on reading.

James Charles has been losing thousands of subscribers since May 7. It all happend when Tati Westbrook published a 43-minute long video titled “Bye Sister”. Up until now, Tati’s video has already received over 16 million views or more.

later that day, James published an apology video of his own with 8 minutes duration long.Stated that how he regret and how Tati has been “like a mother” to him ever since he got started on the scene. But, the impact has made James lost over 1 million subscribers and followers on various social media platforms.

How Many Subscribers Did James Have Before?

According to, previously James has 16M Subs and now it’s reduce to 14.6m subscribers. It all because the problem start when James started to do an ad for the supplement company Sugar Bear Hair Care, which all we know that is a rival to Tati’s Halo Beauty. Newsweek reports that before all that happen Tati was already asked James to promote her Halo Beauty products on his channel, but he James kinda refused. During her video Tati spoke about how she thought James was and how he made up a story.

If you want to keep the track how much James Charles subscriber have left, you can watch the video above. Also, Make sure to always leave the positive vibes by leaving your footprint in our comment section below. Lastly, I hope that this article on “How Many Subscribers Did James Have?” could answer your curiosity about what’s going on in recent times.


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