3 Ways to Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping Problem!

In this article, we’re going to show you how to fix Gboard keeps stopping/crashing problems on your android phone. Gboard first released in May 2016 as Google’s virtual keyboard for Android. It backed up with lots of useful features such as a predictive typing engine that suggests the next word depending on the context, Google Search, searching and sharing of GIFs and emojis, and multilingual language support.

However, a recent report saying that (Reddit, Twitter, Google’s support forum) there is something wrong with the latest Gboard update. The update itself first issued on December 17th through Google’s play store app and bringing this crashing issue along with it.

The exact cause is not very clear since it seems only affecting some Android phones. My Redmi phone seems affected also by this error message. It keeps showing the “Gboard Keeps Stopping” message 5-6 times in a single minute. I have to tell you that it irritating me. But, somehow I found the way to fix it. Keep reading.

How to Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping (First Tips)

  1. Go to the Play store.
  2. Click on microphone icon (voice search) since we can’t use the Gboard.
  3. Search for Gboard using voice search.
  4. Click on Gboard to update your Gboard.
  5. Done.

This steps work if you have access to your phone (unlocked phone). Since you can’t use the Gboard as usual the trick is you can use voice search to look for the Gboard app in your Play Store and update it.

How to Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping (Second Tips)

This second tips is actually pretty much the same with the first tips. only the different is we are not using the voice search to look for the Gboard app in our Play Store, Rather we ask our friends or family to send the app through the email to our phone and install it the update one.

How to Fix Gboard Keeps Stopping For Locked Phone (Third Tips)

Gboard Keeps Stopping 1

This tips is very usefull if you don’t have access to your phone ( your phone is locked). The first thing I do to solve this problem is to turn on my laptop, go to my google account and sign in using the same account that I used on my locked phone. Then, go to Google Play Store and find Gboard app. Click on the green button Installed then reinstall your Gboard. Don’t forget to restart your phone right after you reinstall the Gboard. That’s it, your Gboard will work again.

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