Galaxy S10 Screen Mirroring

Everyone was looking forward to the release of this new smartphone Samsung Galaxy S10, S10+, and S10e for the least we can say, it fully rivals all the latest Android phones that have been unveiled in recent months. It is obvious that the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 has a very bright future in the year 2019. With its new features and prestige image, the smartphone is logically having more expensive in price than many of its Android competitors.

The chipset that put in it also more powerful (Exynos 9820) than it’s predecessor, which as we all know could improve the overall performance of this new smartphone both the CPU and the GPU. In terms of autonomy, Samsung claims that the new Galaxy S10 battery lasts 25% more than its predecessor the Galaxy S9. Also, it has new features that make it easier to take photos and videos and editing as well. But, what if we want to mirror it on TV. Is there required any steps to follow?

If you now want to know how to mirror Android on TV so that you can enjoy the benefits of a larger screen when using some of your apps, then you are not the only one. Many of our readers have asked how they can reflect Android on TV and we decided to lay the groundwork for you. There are many options that you can explore to mirror the screen of your galaxy S10. While most of the latest TV models have built-in mirroring technology, others can rely on third-party products for successful mirroring such as Chromecast.

Galaxy S10 Screen Mirroring

  • Connect the Chromecast to your smart TV.
  • Install The Google Home App on your Galaxy S10 Device.
  • Activate the Wifi on your Smartphone.
  • On your TV, Switch the Chanel to HDMI with your remote.
  • At first you need to enter the code given on your TV to put in your phone to synchronize.
  • Done.

If you kind of lost, the video above will explain more clearly on how to screen mirroring your Samsung Galaxy S10 to your smart TV.

The benefits of connecting these two devices going to make the activities you do on your smartphone become more comfortable. Because you can do it on a relatively wider TV screen, especially if your TV has HD screen quality, ultra HD or higher.

The activities such as gaming or watching movies with friends and relatives will certainly becoming more joyful and fun if done on a TV screen.


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