Best way to play YouTube with Screen Off on Android

Looking for the best way to play YouTube with Screen Off on Android? There is no doubt that YouTube is becoming the largest video sharing platform in the world. You can easily find the latest music videos, tutorials, TV shows, and etc. Somehow, while listen to YouTube music in the background you might want to do another task in your Android smartphone.

But, one of the main problems of YouTube app is that if you play a song or a video you cannot just play it in your background. It’s just like if you try to play some of your favorite song on the app, and then going back to the home screen the song will going to be stop playing cause the app also getting closed as well. So, you can say that this is one of the most most disgusting problems of using YouTube app.

We actually really love YouTube and it’s app. But in reality, I personally don’t like this problem. I would love to play the song in the background while doing another activity in my own Android or iOS smartphone. Therefore, I have got the best solution for you to play your favorite songs in your favorite Android or iPhone background. This absolutely work without the need to install any app and spending a dime for it.

How to play YouTube with Screen Off on Android

  • Install and open the Chrome/Firefox app on your android phone.
  • Open the YouTube video on your browser.
  • Click three dots located in the upper-right corner in your browser.
  • Click “Desktop Size” (to change the view to desktop instead mobile).
  • Play the video you want.
  • Press the Home Button to close.
  • Pull your notification bar downside.
  • Press “Play Button” (to play the video in the background).

play YouTube with Screen Off on Android

First of all, you need to download Chrome or Firefox browser on your Android/iOS smartphone. it is very essential cause we indeed using browser to play YouTube in background of our smartphone. Some people are having difficulty of doing it with chrome browser. It might actually happen when they’re not allowing the notification setting of their Chrome browser to be available. To activate the notification setting of your chrome browser simply open the YouTube app in your chrome browser. Then click the three dots in the upper right corner of your chrome browser.  Tap on site setting. Then, tap on notification. then last step allow the YouTube app by clicking on it.

But, if you still having a difficulty of playing YouTube with Screen Off on Android smartphone background. You may want to switch to another browser such as Firefox. Some people find it easier to play YouTube in the background with Firefox browser. Also, if none above method worked for you. You might want to install third party app such as the Newpipe or Screen-Off app.


That is how to play YouTube in background on Android and iOS iPhone. Now, you can easily listen to your YouTube music while your screen locked or off. Doing another task inside your smartphone become much more enjoyable. Because while reading or typing you still can listen to your favorite music.

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