5 ways to fix laptop keyboard not working properly (updated)

Keyboard is one of the main parts of a computer or laptop. It is not impossible to type without the keyboard as you do have the option for onscreen keyboard only if your laptop keyboard not working. Without a keyboard, the computer device would be incomplete. It makes the work easier and faster for the user to work on.

There can be various reasons why the keyboard keys do not work on the desktops or laptops. The functioning of the keyboard may stop, but it is not difficult to troubleshoot the issue. Sometimes the back-lighting may not work, and at times, there can be setting issues. The driver could be damaged, or the software problems may be happening. Down below you’ll find 5 easy ways to fix your laptop keyboard.

1. Turning on/off filter keys

Right click the start button and then click on device manager. Now select the keyboard icon and then choose the “standard PS/2 keyboard” by clicking by the right side of the mouse. Click on “uninstall.” Then a mini window will pop up. On that same window, you have to click the “OK” button. If it asks to restart the system, then click on “no.” Now Exit the window.

Again right click on the “start” button. Go to “control panel.” When the big window pops up, then click on the “ease of access” icon. Next, click “change on how your keyboard works.”
When the next screen comes up, click on “set up your keys.” Then click on the small box beside “Turn on Filter Keys.” Then click on “Apply.” After applying the settings, click “OK.”
Now is the time to restart your laptop.

Now when the computer starts, use the on-screen keyboard to enter your password if there is any for the laptop. Click on the start menu again and go to the control panel. Now disable the settings for “Turn on Filters Keys.” Apply the settings and click “OK.” Once that is done, you will see that your keyboard will start working again. It will fix the issue laptop keyboard not working for you.

2. Updating your driver software

Click on the start menu. Then click on device manager. Next  click on keyboards icon. You will see “HID keyboard device. Then by clicking right on that option, you will see the “update driver software.” Click on this option. Now a screen will pop up for you to update the software for the keyboard. As it searches, it will do the updates automatically. Now again click on the same icon of “HID keyboard device.” Uninstall the program and then restart your laptop.

3. Changing the value data

Press the windows and “R” button together. You will see the small window which says “Run” on the top. Now type “reg-edit” on the open bar and click OK. A “registry editor” window will open up. On the left side of the window, you will see the HKEY LOCAL MACHINE option. Click on that. Then click on the folder named as “SYSTEM.” Now click on “CurrentControlSet” option. The huge list will open in front of you. Click the “services” option under this folder.

You will be able to see the .NET Framework folder. Open this folder with another list of option under it. Scroll down until you see the “i8042prt” option. Open this folder, and you will see a list of items on the right side of the window. Next right click on the “start” icon and a small window will pop up. Under the Value data, enter number “1” and click OK. Now you need to close the window and then restart your computer. If there is an update option, then make sure you do get the updates.

4. Turning on/off sticky keys, toggle keys, and filter keys

Go to the start menu on the left corner side of the screen. Select “control panel.” Now as the window opens, on the top right side of the window, write “sticky” on the search. The “ease of access center” will appear. Select the first option which is “change how your keyboard works.” Now under the option of “make it easier to type.” Tick mark all the options under it which are “turn on sticky keys,” “turn on toggle keys” and “turn on filter keys.” Now apply the settings and then deselect all of these. Click on apply and then press OK.

5. Re-install (if none worked)

If all these options do not work best to fix the issue laptop keyboard not working for you, then you have to reset your PC where you have to keep all the data in the D drive so that you do not lose any storage.

Infographics – fixing laptop keyboard not working

Quick tips if you guys stuck at the welcome screen

I’m going to show you guys a quick resolution if your keyboard is not allowing you to type in your password correctly right on to your Windows device while you’re logging in. Now, this is not assuming that you just don’t know your password, this is like you literally cannot type your password on to your computer.

You’ve checked all your cables or if you have a wireless keyboard which some people do nowadays you made sure that it’s all battery full and all charged up and it’s still not working. This tutorial will be for you and hopefully it should be a pretty quick one. So, we’re going to just slide up this lock screen here and if we are unable to enter our password what we’re going to do is to look down to the bottom right corner of our screen. and the middle icon should look like a mini clock with an arrow pointing towards the middle. and one arrow pointing out from the center. and if you hover over it, it says ease of access.

You want to left click on that button. and once you’ve clicked on it, if filled through keys is currently set to the on position you want to click on this rectangle. if it’s blue and click on it on the inside of it, it’ll switch it to the off position. and once you’re done doing that you can close out of that by clicking anywhere else on the screen. and now try entering your password and your problem should be resolved. so I hope this very brief tutorial helped you guys out.

Things to check why your keyboard keys stop working

Here are some of the causes why the keyboard would not work on your laptop or computer.

Low Battery

The first reason can be the battery of the computer being low. Most of the functions setting get disabled when the battery of the laptop goes low. If you are running the applications on full function, then it will surely consume the battery life. There can be unresponsiveness by the keyboard when you have used the laptop for a long time and not charging it fully as well. If this happens a lot, then it is time that you replace the battery of your laptop.

Physical Damage

There can be physical damage to the keyboard, for instance, spilled water or any fluid into the keys. At that time, the keyboard will be working, but later on, the effects will be shown. Sometimes the sticky fluids make the keys stuck, and they have to be cleaned individually. However, if you spilled natural water on it, then it will evaporate by time, or you can use a dryer for instant results.

Driver Issues

Keyboard functions are based on the drivers which are installed in the system of your laptop or computer. All the keys have the codes behind it which can be modified and can be reset if you know the settings. Before thinking that your keyboard is damaged, it is always better to check on the settings of the drivers. Sometimes, you need the manual updates which can sort out the problem within minutes. There can be some activation which need to be done so always look out for the pop-up information which may be visible on the screen of your laptop or computer. That is all information that could help you to fix the issue laptop keyboard not working, hope it work best for you guys.

This video will help in case your laptop keyboard not working after moving to windows 10.

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