10 Ways to start windows 10 in safe mode while booting

People are keen to ask when there are problems with their laptop, the simple question like how to start windows 10 in safe mode while booting . It is mainly Because, safe mode would helps in diagnosing the problem along with repairing it which stops the OS from running smoothly. The safe mode allows the windows few services on the system so that it does not initiate any more problems or issues. In other words, your windows will not be connected to the internet while being in safe mode.

However, you can have access to the safe mode through available networking by booting the windows. By using minimal drivers and services for the windows, you can use some of the components of networking available. It is helpful when you need certain tools for the repair of windows or to remove any malware from the computer. You also have to download the good anti-virus software which keeps the computer clean. Down below you will be able to find the answer on how start windows 10 in safe mode while booting.

1. Using System Configuration

It is one of the easiest ways to boot the system to work into safe mode along with networking. Another name for this tool is msconfig.exe. Type “system configuration” into the search box of your task-bar. When the results appear, click on the same title. Now click on the boot tab and choose the network under the boot options. There will be a box popping up where you have to restart the system so that the safe networking mode gets active. As you restart, the system will let you use the internet explorer to use the network for searching tools to download or repair.

2. Using Recovery Option

Click on the settings app and tap on the option of update and security. Click on recovery at the left side of the screen. Now click on restart now then three options will be there. Click on troubleshoot where it will reset the advanced options. Now select the startup settings and then click on restart. Next, after the boot-up, there will be various options out of which you have to select number 5 for the safe mode networking.

3. Using the combination

Press Shift and restart button to get the safe mode networking on windows. You can do this even from the locked screen or the start menu. Make sure that the shift key is continuously pressed when you are clicking on the restart option. Go to the options of “choose an option” and follow the guide. Now tap on troubleshoot and then advanced options. Next, go to startup settings and restart after that enable the safe mode for networking by pressing F5 on the keyboard.

4. Installing Disc and Command Prompt

Install the boot through the disc or CD into the windows. Set it up in the windows and then click next as the windows pop up. After installation, press the repair computer option. Click on troubleshoot and then advanced options. Next, press the command prompt and run the safe boot network. Restart the computer, and the network will be active.

5. Using Recovery Disc

By plugging in the recovery disc into the computer, the boot will get active. Choose the option for troubleshooting with following advanced options. Select startup settings and then restart. After that, select the Enable option and then press F5 to get it active on the system.

6. Interrupting the Normal Boot

If all the ways do not work, then you have to force the boot by pressing the power button of the windows. It will stop the boot and also repair the issues automatically which are found in the system. The screen will appear the message of repairing, and if you want to make changes, then you can select the advanced options. After the troubleshoot option, restart the settings and then enable the safe mode.

7. Setting App for Safe Mode

Head for the setting application first with the shortcut Windows + I. now click on the update and security section. Next, press recovery on the left side of the window. Now click on the advanced setup on the right side. Tap on restart option and then troubleshoot. Now press 4 for the safe mode of the keyboard. 5 for networking within the safe mode and then 6 for the command prompt within the safe mode. It will activate the services which you wish to keep it away from any malware or virus attacking the system.

8. Using F8 key

Press shift with F8 to activate the loading of windows smoothly when you want to go into the recovery mode. You can access the safe mode from there directly to boot it. This way is the shortest to help you figure out how to boot safe mode networking windows so you can use the internet. It will not bring in any malware to the computer system so you can access it without any hassle.

If there is any message which you may see then press F2 to reset the setup of the windows. There will no interruption within the boot, so you do not have to wait longer with Windows loading or any other issues. These all options for safe mode are the same one or another way but have various options to access it. You can try any of these and see which one would work the best for you.

It was not easy to start the safe mode in Windows 8.1, but with Windows 10, you have access through multiple ways which lead to the same setting. If you understand the basics of safe mode, then you will be able to do it on your own without any instructions. There can be other ways for the safe mode networking, but these are the ones which have been highlighted by the professionals.

what is safe mode?

Safe mode is a startup mode which works as a diagnosis for the OS. It gives limited access to the windows when it would not start normally. The computer system may be slow or get stuck while you use it. However, the normal mode is when the windows would start at the normal speed through the typical start. The concept of safe mode is not only in Windows but also in Mac known as a safe boot.

There are many versions of safe mode, but each of them has been enhanced as the Windows got updated. When you activate the safe mode, the background of the screen is usually in black. All the corners are filled with dark solid color along with the limited services which are activated on the windows. It will look different than the typical usage of the computer when you are in safe mode.

When you open a program in the traditional normal OS, it would have the modifications which you have made accordingly. There can be extensions, add-on, settings and a lot more which keeps it away from loading instantly. Whereas, for the safe mode, the settings are default with the services without any load on the system and does not create an issue for the user. There are no problems while starting the safe mode to look for any protective software for the laptop through a network connection.

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