PHOTOS: Anti-Gun Rally Gets Virtually No Participants

PHOTOS: Anti-Gun Rally Gets Virtually No Participants

Anti-gun organization calling for complete ban on assault weapons generates a turnout of virtually zero participants amid 1,000+ Alamo Second Amendment rally


Once again, reality has deconstructed the establishment lie that ‘nearly everyone is in favor of stronger gun control laws’. Amid a turnout of about 1,000 concerned citizens rallying for their decaying Second Amendment rights down the street at the historic Alamo in San Antonio, there were virtually no attendees to the anti-gun ‘Moms Demand Action’ rally that pushed a Feinstein-approved message of banning all ‘assault weapons’ in the nation.

As predicted, the extremely low number of individuals openly fighting against the Second Amendment and Constitution at large actually coincides with the numerous data figures regarding the entire ‘gun control’ issue. Back in April of this year, a top level Gallup poll revealed to us that only 4% of the Americans actually think gun control is a priority issue — even after the mainstream media continued to hype school shootings as the result of firearms themselves (and continued to ignore the FBI’s own statistics on gun crime).

Facts that, when confronted by Alex Jones and myself, the anti-gun ‘protesters’ did not want to hear. In fact, the organizers of the public event ended up getting in our faces, assaulting Alex, and attempting to provoke us into fighting them (one man at the event came about 1 inch away from our faces and continued to brush up against us in an attempt to start a fight). Truly, these highly delusional gun control advocates are actually the most violent types.

You can see the video of our attempts to inform the anti-gun zealots below:

But before we were able to speak (or attempt to speak) with the very few event supporters, we actually had to find them. While we heard that the Moms Demand Action supporters were going to ‘crash’ the Alamo Second Amendment rally, it turns out we had to walk several blocks to even find the general area that the event was being held. And after walking around a mile and a half with camera equipment, we finally found the ‘outlaw bar’ in which the anti-gun fest was being presented.

It turned out that the anti-gun advocates did not want to hear about the statistics, but instead wanted to scream at us and ban our firearms (while also using profanity in front of children). We attempted to inform them about the real FBI and CDC data, but they did not want to hear the facts. But let’s explore the reality anyway.

Let us take a look at the graph below which shows the general trend of overall violent crime offense figures from 2007 to 2011 (the years in which such stats are available):

fbi violent crime

What these stats tell us is that violent crime has been in rapid decline over the past several years by a considerable amount. In other words, despite much of a fuss being made over the apparent necessity to ban guns due to violent crime, the statistics show that it has actually been on the massive decline.

Now in order to compare this to the resulting crime stats that follow the implementation of gun control laws, we need to examine a chart that demonstrates this relationship. For this, we turn to the Department of Justice (Justice.g ov), which offers a graph containing figures that help us to understand the link between gun ownership and crime stat fluctuations. As you can see from the chart below, the increased amount of gun ownership throughout the years (which has been quite dramatic) is known to lead to a sharp decline in violent crime (as can be seen between 1995 and 2003):

department of justic ecrime vs guns

The DOJ chart, as you can see for yourself, spans 40 years and shows that violent crime has plummeted as the number of guns in the United States per 1,000 citizens has gone up exponentially. It would seem quite the opposite would be true if guns were truly dangerous in the hands of law-abiding citizens.

We can even narrow down this area further by examining areas in which gun bans have gone into effect and taking a look at the results. We have established that firearm homicides are much lower than many think, that more guns actually statistically suggests less crime, and now it is time to figure out where the concentration of many gun murders are and why. This is how we take a real approach to the issue and determining a solution.

Chicago is a perfect example of a city that has enacted a ban on all handguns with the minor exception of those who had previous gun registrations before that time. Going into law in 1982, we can see how Chicago’s murder rate spun out of control following the extreme regulations, while the rest of the United States (as we documented in the previous graph) saw a decline in murder rates as guns surged:

chicago handgun murders

Following the handgun ban in Chicago, crime increased by 40%. This trend continued for decades, with police revealing that 96% of firearm murders in Chicago were actually committed by handguns. Handguns, of course, had been banned for decades. As it turns out, criminals were getting a hold of firearms with intent to commit crime while normal citizens were not able to carry a firearm to defend themselves. The criminal, in this scenario, has a distinct advantage as they know that their law-abiding targets cannot carry a weapon in self defense.

Below you can also see very similar statistics in Washington, D.C. following an extreme gun ban and a severe change following the 2008 ruling that the control measures were not Constitutional. During the ban, the murder rate in D.C. was 73% higher than it was at the outset of the law. Notice the comparison to overall United States statistics:

washington dc gun control

We also find that the allowance of legal citizens to carry concealed more freely reduces crime and coincides with the nationwide trends. In Texas we see a statistical change with the enactment of the right-to-carry law, which allows individuals who are 21 years of age (18 for active duty military), have a clean mental health record, and have completed the required training courses, to carry concealed. Since the beginning of this law, which is clearly marked on the graph below, crime fell 30% in Texas and the United States murder rate averaged 28% lower overall:

texas gun stats

And this is just the beginning of the voluminous amount of information readily available to every citizen of the United States on the reality of gun control. The ultimate understanding of just how powerful an armed public is comes not only from historical perspective and understanding, but through deep analysis of the hard data. I encourage those who would rather assault us physically than discuss these statistical realities to do their own research on the matter instead of eating out of the skeletal hand of Michael Bloomberg.

Photo credit: MySanAnt onio

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